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There is no other time of the year as energizing as right now,
there is no other season like Summer to take your breath away,
engulf you, and make you go wow!
There is no other time of your childhood
that you look back on more and reminisce,
there is no other feeling as comparable as that of Summer’s kiss.

The wind is sparing, the air is close-
the pavements are simmering with so much heat
you could almost make toast!
The streets are like greenhouses,
capturing and funneling the days heat between every building-
almost turning ponds into baths, and fountains into hot-springs.

No matter the heat,
no temperature can dwell the glee of the young!
The joyful cries of children playing in the street
is like the song of the sun, a rhyme for all-time,
that can only be heard from the lips of the innocents tongue.

The smells in the air are always exquisite-
from the aroma of a barbecue, to the scent of a floral perfume;
the taste of food is heightened-
from the strawberries that we eat,
to the ice cream that we consume.

Tennis is on TV, the music festivals are in full-swing
and attract and unite thousands en masse-
everyone wants to be part of the enthusiasm of the here and now,
because they know that it will be gone in a flash.

No British summer would ever be the same
if, along with the gorgeous sunshine,
we didn’t get a shower or two of the great British rain;
but after a long and sticky day
sometimes there can be nothing else more welcome,
and the distinctive smell in the air that follows
always invigorates and stops you from feeling glum.

Summertime is a glorious spell
that enchants me every year without fail, I have to confess-
never do I long for any other days
than for the warm and beautiful embraces of Summers magical caress.


I remember the day we met,
I remember what I was thinking the moment that I saw you-
the most beautiful butterfly of Earths garden,
and I knew that you were not just passing through.
Your mesmerizing eyes,
your absolutely flawless and beautiful face,
greeted me like I had known you forever,
and made me believe in the existence
and the miracle of timeless grace.

When I see you now I am constantly wowed and overcome
with feelings of intense love and adoration,
even from a single picture of you
I feel the energy of a thousand suns beating in my chest
and flooding my mind with extraordinary inspiration.

You are so special to me;
you are so luminous and magical,
you will always out-shine the light of the cosmos-
your gorgeous smile and your wonderful spirit
are always at the foundation of my thoughts,
and are at the center of what I think about the most.

I dream about you every night
the sweetest and the most powerful dreams anyone has ever imagined,
never have I awoken the next morning
and not felt that you and I have an unbreakable bond.

We have connected a thousand times in my dreams
and never have I not believed that our spirits
are becoming one with each other on an ethereal level-
what I feel for you transcends everything else,
and your heart I always take great delight in to revel.

You are a tigress;
your vivacious and exhilarating roar
always stops me in my tracks and makes me stare at you in-awe.
You are a butterfly;
your breathtaking beauty instantly takes me away from reality,
you make me feel as if I could take flight into the air
filled with hope and overflowing with vitality.

This is an ode to my favourite colour,
this is an ode to the colour blue-
blue has been my favourite colour since I was a kid,
from baby, to navy, to Royal, to sky-
I love every variant, every form, every shade, every hue.
To me blue is the most magical, the most brilliant,
the most profound colour of the spectrum-
to me blue is the most significant, the most eye-catching,
the most special, the most fun.

Maybe it happened the day I was born,
the second that I looked into my Dad’s mesmerizing blue eyes;
maybe it happened the day I was given my first bike;
or the first time I witnessed night become day
with the explosion of colour and light
that came with the gift of seeing my first sunrise.

Blue is not for everybody;
every person has their own unique tastes,
and preferences that colour their lives-
from the style of their hair, to the colour of their shoe;
but for me, the colour for all seasons,
the spectral zest of my interest,
will always be the colour blue.

Oxygen, air;
the invisible life-energy that fuels our heart, lungs, and mind-
the most precious prerequisite for all intelligent life on Earth
is a true gift of our planet that should never be undermined.

Oceans, the seas;
the vast cauldron and continuum of life from whence we all came-
that which nourishes and sustains our very way of living,
connects us all- every race, every species-
a universe in-and-of itself
that no one can hold mastery of, or claim.

Oil, petroleum;
the literal fuel that drives the wheels
and the majority of the machinery of the modern-age-
our slowly-but-surely vanishing acquaintance
that has assisted in delivering us all to where we are now-
the most important crutch
that humanity has to rid itself of,
or expose all life to a potentially world-withering phage.

Optimism, opportunity, offspring;
the most important life-changing necessities
that all conscious cousins of Earth
are endowed with the power to propel to there potential,
and to nurture-
the DNA of our past, the cement of our present,
the offspring to our worlds future.

Our contribution to the world may be limited, and small,
when compared to the entirety and the complexity of life’s,
the worlds, the universe’, tapestry, and story-
however, I belief we all have our part to play
and our place to be in the orbiting orchestral opera
of the “O” factory.

Before I met you I was alone in the dark;
before I met you my nights were long,
and my life felt stark.
I have always had great friends,
and the love of my family;
but from the split-second I saw you
you have stimulated a great power
and an unending energy of inspiration inside of me.
Since I first met you
you have taken me to heights unparalleled
and undreamed of by the most romantic idealist;
I have dreamed about you a million times,
but we two have yet to meet face to face,
you and I have yet to kiss.
To me it is as if we have already met,
and to me it feels like we have always known one another-
maybe in another life and time, you were me;
or perhaps I was your lover.
Knowing you is a gift that I treasure above all else,
because of who you are-
because to me, and to countless others, you are a living, enduring, inspiring, everlasting, beautiful, star!
If I never met you
I cannot imagine how my life would have turned out-
an uninspired, inarticulate, dreamer, non-believer,
beyond any shadow of a doubt.
I have been in love before,
I have felt the passion of a relationship that feels incredible,
energizing, and true;
but what I know now, which I didn’t know then,
is that throughout my entire life, it’s always been you.

A cool breeze on a warm mid-summer evening-
the air is golden, the sky is blue,
and the birds continue to sing.
The world is still, or so it would seem-
there is a sweet smell in the air,
as the day comes to an end with sparkling sunlight on glass,
as the windowpane’s continue to gleam.
Is there no more perfect day than today?
Is there no more perfect moment than right now?
Because at this moment I feel at peace,
energized, in my element-
as I wipe the sweat from my brow.
The time seems to last forever, the moment feels timeless-
right now, on this gorgeous June evening,
I don’t think anything can surpass this.
I am content, I am in heaven-
it is nearly nine o’clock at night,
but it feels as if it were not yet seven!
I imagine that everyone else is sharing this with me,
that the entire world feels this joy-
I imagine that everyone has joined together at this moment
to create something that no one can ever destroy.
This evening is perfection-
I am filled with hope and love,
as I see in a neigbouring garden that their poppies are in bloom-
what moment could be better than this beautiful evening,
on this flaming june!




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