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To the most beautiful, the most adoring, the most supportive BT fan;
to the best Mom and Wife- your husband, I must say, is a very lucky man!
To the woman who lights up Twitter with every word that she tweets;
to the unbreakable, who mesmerises everyone who follows her and everyone she meets!
To the only woman I know who has the most impeccable taste:
who loves BT’s music, and who could never see a Starbucks coffee go to waste!
To the indomitable, the special, the sensationally gorgeous, and kind,
to the spectacular; to the luminous shining star, whose Light could never be confined!
To the amazing, inspirational, breathtaking, beautiful, blue-eyed, hopeful, Angel,
to the ensorcelling, majestic, gift to the World- who, in my opinion, is just magical!
To Sara, Twitter username SaraChelle82
I write this poem now as a gift for you:
a gift that I hope you will like, and see it as a fitting gift for you on your birthday-
a little something that hopefully reminds you, Sara, that you are wonderful in every way!
Happy Birthday, Sara- I hope your day is as phenomenal, and as amazing as you are;
today I will play These Hopeful Machines in your name, Sara- because you are a superstar!


Rain drops on a window pane, a teardrop on a face-
the landmarks of our memory that we can never erase.
Waves of emotion; tears of the Earth-
like waves crashing on a beach; like the feeling of rebirth.
When we cry is there more to be found than at first appears?
When we cry is there a melody to be heard to rival the music of the spheres?
Do tears still remain long after being first shed?
Does the music of our tears still continue to play in our head?
Just as our tears, like raindrops, fall silently until they make contact,
our tears, like the stars of the night sky, are only interpreted in the abstract.
The tears of a memory- both of joy, and of pain-
are more akin to the galaxies of the universe than I could possibly explain:
when a star reaches the end of its life it explodes into a new state of being-
just as when an emotion reaches its peak it can be seen and felt fleeing.
When an emotion becomes too deafening for us to not let it be heard, and cry out,
our tears is the melody that we play, and the music that we could never live without.

The Sun never sets; The Moon is always full;
when I look at The World I see it as it is: absolutely beautiful!
Just as light cannot exist without the dark;
just as you will never see a stationary Great White Shark-
I could never not look at someone in particular and not see their emanating light,
see their goodness, nor feel the energy that they elicit when they come into sight.
Their are people who I know, talk to, Tweet, and write to,
who make me smile when I hear from them, and who make me feel brand new.
Their are people in my life that inspire, elevate, and energize me:
friends and family who I adore, and who I believe have their own personal gravity!
No one on Earth is perfect, of that I am a perfect example;
however, what people don’t realize is that what they see in the mirror is but a sample-
our true-selves can been seen in the actions that we carry out,
in the music we listen to, the books we read, and in how loud our heart shouts.
Truthfully, I find the easiest way to see who we really are
is to look into the eyes of those we surround ourselves with and see how bright they are.




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