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I have never met anyone else like you,
I have never felt for anyone like I feel for you,
you are so beautiful, amazing, wonderful, and glowing,
and I think, I know that I loved you
from the second that your gorgeous face came into view-
that was when my heart and my head
were in perfect synchronicity with each other,
that was when I knew.

My feelings for you grow stronger with every glance
that I catch from your dark, gorgeous, enticing eyes,
my heart pounds with true love
when I take in every detail of your perfect, beautiful face,
and your incredible, warm, smile-
the best smile in the entire world-
makes me feel more alive than ever before,
in ways I cannot disguise.

You have the most unbelievable effect on your friends and family
and on the lives of other people-
when they see you and your magic touch emanates through the air,
everyone basking in your light feels like they are souring like an eagle.

Knowing that I know you is the best feeling in the world to me;
being able to see your face everyday, even on a screen,
is like a blessing to me;
smiling to myself when I read something that you have said
keeps me smiling for the rest of the day,
follows me into my dreams, and stays with me;
thinking about you is the most inspiring and energizing experience ever,
thinking about you makes me feel like a better me.

I feel heat in my heart the temperature of the sun
when I look at a photo of you and then I look into the distance, to the sky,
and I try to send a sample of my love to you-
like a balloon on the air, I hope that my love finds you, and finds you well,
but the most important thing to me is the knowledge that you are out there.

I love you, because not only are you the most beautiful and amazing friend,
because you are my muse-
you are the most perfect model of natures astounding beauty
that has ever been expressed-
to me, you will always be phenomenally inspiring, beautiful,
the most wonderful person I will ever know in my entire life;
to me, Michelle, you will always be the best.


Purple, stars, and sparkly things
are some of my sister’s favourite things-
she coordinates everything:
from her make-up, to her t-shirt,
from the colour of her socks,
to the theme of her wedding!
Purple is a nice colour,
purple is tranquil;
purple is not the colour
that I would say says everything
about my sister Clare,
but she definitely has more stars in her eyes
with every stare.
My sister Clare, has a unique flare-
there is no one else like her,
which she already knows,
and I just wanted to say
Happy Birthday, Clare!

What more could you ask for from a friend
than what your best friend blesses you with,
what more could you ask for from a best friend
than amazing, heart-felt, support, generosity, joy, and beauty,
who makes you feel so lucky to live the life that you live.

My best friend is a mother, a wife, a daughter,
a person hoping to change the world-
she has touched, brightened,
and made the lives of the people she has met
better for the gift of knowing her;
and in my opinion, she has already changed
and brought love into the hearts of many worlds.

My best friend is so awesome, funny, fantastic, and unique,
when she tweets, comments, or posts anything on the internet,
it is always the best thing that I have read all day;
my best friend is a prolific poet in her own way,
and everything she says is epic!

My best friend’s smile
is the beautiful gem in the crown
of her gorgeous grace, hopefulness, and style;
my best friend’s eyes
are like the magic that you can see and feel
in the light of beautiful blue skies;
my best friend’s heart
is so full of all the things that light the world,
it is always on show for all the world to see,
and it is in itself a beautiful work of art.

My best friend is not just my best friend,
she is the ultimate confidante,
and the person whom I trust the most,
to be there for me, for her family,
for her friends, for anyone,
and she is and always has been since we first met
the most purest source of energy, truth, and enthusiasm,
on Earth, bar none.

Every year I sit down and write my best friend a poem for her birthday,
every year in every poem I try to capture in words
why she is so special in every possible way-
I always believe that no matter what I write
I could never describe everything about her
that makes her to me my best friend-
she is like trying to describe the gorgeous light of an aurora.
Every year, what I want to say to my best friend
is that you really are the best,
and that I hope you have an amazing birthday, Sara!

There are unbelievably beautiful people in this world that I have met online,
who I hope and pray that I will one day have the chance
and the gift to meet,
friends that I have made all over the world, who inspire me,
who move me, who brighten my entire week with a single tweet-
@SaraChelle82 is one of the best friends that I have made on the web,
and she is also an incredible and inspirational person in her own right-
Sara’s love of family, friends, music,
her unlimited resource of hopefulness is infectious,
and, like Sara herself, is wonderful to behold and an absolute delight.

Sara and I share a love of the music
of one of the most phenomenal and inspiring musicians
to have ever walked the face of the Earth-
to Sara and I, BT is the most epic artist of electronic music
there has ever been, or will ever be-
who, from our perspective, creates and generates an energy
with his music that takes his fans to a state of harmonic rebirth.
Because of BT, I am blessed to have people in my life
who are so awesome, so talented, so overflowing with the best of humanity,
and Sara is all of those things and more:
a great friend, a wonderful wife, and mother to a glorious family.

Happy Birthday, Sara!
I know that I am not alone when I say
that you bring so much joy, love, and light,
into the lives of all who know you!
You are a diamond, a treasure,
a precious jewel the like of which
there is nothing else on Earth more rarer!
You are the best! BT’s most awesome and ultimate Super-fan!
My friend, who has the future right in front of her!
Happy Birthday, Sara!

On the 21st of April 1981,
David and Bernadette Hastings were blessed with the birth of a baby son.
Today, now, on the 21st of April 2011,
sitting in his house in the Centre of England, in the village of Meriden,
David and Bernadette’s son, Mark- Me,
on my 30th birthday is reflecting on my life thus far, who I am,
and what will be.

Happy birthday, Mark! The years feel as if they have passed with the snap of a finger!
And even now, after all these years, I still feel like I am a beginner!
Over the years my life’s unfinished puzzle has seen many pieces fall into place, and has seen many pieces fall away.
Over the 30 years of my life I felt overwhelming hurt, loss, heartbreak;
but I have also been inspired, and have marveled at the magnificent beauty of the Milky Way.

After all these years I finally feel like I have arrived.
Because of the love and the support of my family and friends I am a better man, and it is because of them that I have thrived.
I have no doubt that the next 30 years is going to be as eventful, inspiring, and amazing;
but right now I just want to make the most of what I have,
because every day is a blessing!

To the most beautiful, the most adoring, the most supportive BT fan;
to the best Mom and Wife- your husband, I must say, is a very lucky man!
To the woman who lights up Twitter with every word that she tweets;
to the unbreakable, who mesmerises everyone who follows her and everyone she meets!
To the only woman I know who has the most impeccable taste:
who loves BT’s music, and who could never see a Starbucks coffee go to waste!
To the indomitable, the special, the sensationally gorgeous, and kind,
to the spectacular; to the luminous shining star, whose Light could never be confined!
To the amazing, inspirational, breathtaking, beautiful, blue-eyed, hopeful, Angel,
to the ensorcelling, majestic, gift to the World- who, in my opinion, is just magical!
To Sara, Twitter username SaraChelle82
I write this poem now as a gift for you:
a gift that I hope you will like, and see it as a fitting gift for you on your birthday-
a little something that hopefully reminds you, Sara, that you are wonderful in every way!
Happy Birthday, Sara- I hope your day is as phenomenal, and as amazing as you are;
today I will play These Hopeful Machines in your name, Sara- because you are a superstar!



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