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Mirror, mirror, on the wall;
if I were to step through you, like Alice, what would befall?
Would I encounter a reflection where up is down, and down is up?
Where the English football team has won more than one World Cup?
A reality of renaissance, where writer’s are treated like rock stars?
A reality of robot butlers, in which there really are Martians living on Mars?
A reality where the internet has a leader, and Twitter is a bona fide religion?
A reality in which there is a President of a United States of Britain?

If you could visit a parallel-universe, even if it was just for one day;
and you were then returned to your “own life”, how would you convey
what you saw, what you felt- where would you start?
Would such a perception altering adventure change your mind, or your heart?
What if you were to knock on “your” door, and you were to meet “yourself”;
how would you react if you discovered that “you” were not in the best of health?
Would you look at this “mirror reality” and perceive it as a valid reflection;
the other side of the coin toss: an opposing, yet connected, truth, life, and inflection?

What if every choice you never made, you actually make in “another life”-
a universe in it’s own right: the “other side” of happiness, or the “flip side” of strife?
Every now and then we come to a fork in the road, and we all must make a choice-
a time when we must look inwards, and listen to our inner-voice:
Should I walk tall, or go back? Should I turn left, or should I turn right?
Should I take a risk, or stay as I am; should I wear black, or should I wear white?
Is your life dictated by destiny? Or, does it depend on the spin of a wheel?
Do you sometimes agonize over a decision, while other’s just “keep it real”?
Whether you make the “right” decision is ultimately out of your hands;
because in another life “you” live every choice- while the universe has it’s own plans.


Impenetrable, indomitable- like Antony Gormley’s “Another Place”,
like the “Angel Of The North”- strong, and tall- an Iron Man of majestic grace.
Everyone on Earth stands alone now and again;
looking out to a sea, to a beautiful vista, or back in time to way back when.
Events in our lives sometimes dictate that we too must become Iron Men;
strong, still, statuesque, serene, or simply just to count to ten-
to weather the storms of life that twist and maelstrom all around us;
or patch the cracks in the house of glass that we alone build around us.
An “Iron Man”, like the Angel of the North, is an extremely awe-inspiring sight-
at any moment you could just imagine it using it’s iron wings to take flight-
much like the ‘Iron Giant’ of Ted Hughes’ book, and the animated movie-
a metal man can be the embodiment of life, imagination, and breaking free.
Be it an Iron Man, a statue, or a work of art created to open new horizon’s-
which when people see them they turn into refracting mirrors of emotions-
allow us to imbue feeling’s, thoughts, and characteristics onto things and objects,
that may not have been there at there creation, but to which the artist would not object.

Blink and you’ll miss it; blink and you’ll stall;
blink and you’ll omit; blink and you’ll fall.
What lies in the shadow of a blink?
What can be found when the world is out of sync?
What do you see when you step back from the brink?
What if I told you there was more going on than you think?

People see the world as it is meant to be;
people use every colour of the spectrum just to see;
but, as so often is the case, things are not as they seem,
people, plants, animals- all sparkle, radiate, and gleam;
the reality of the invisible is extraordinary and extreme-
the spectrum of the unseen does not conform to a theme.
Dolphins, birds, bats- all have an extra sensory perception of life,
when they look at the world they see the Earth like that of an acolyte.

Blink, open your eyes and see more than you did a moment ago;
blink, and imagine you could see the world like a Dolphin, or a Crow;
blink, pass from shadow to light and for an instant see a reality spoiler,
blink, then in the rainbow of a sunbeam see the cover of the universal foiler.
Imagine if you could see the invisible; imagine if stone Angel’s could move;
imagine and see that within every blink lies a view that exists only to improve.

Live for today, Love every minute, Laugh whenever you can-
they are the three L’s to live by, even when things are not going to plan.
When you’re a kid you can’t wait to grow up, move out, and become an adult;
however, when you finally do grow up, you are not always happy with the result.
There is nothing easy about life, and unfortunately there is no road map to follow;
life is about doing the best that you can with the strings that you have to your bow.
There are times in all our lives when we look up to the heavens and ask why?
Do things have to be as hard as trying to calculate the value of pi?
There are some cultures that belief that what does not kill you makes you stronger,
that the experience of a testing time in your life will actually carry you farther.
Life is not perfect, that is the first and the hardest lesson that we all learn;
and also that what you get out of life depends entirely on what you earn.
If life was meant to be easy, humanity would never have accomplished anything-
we would still be living in the trees, or perhaps still doing some cave painting.
Impossible, impassable, unattainable, unrealistic-
all words to justify the not doing of something, and part of the philosophy of the pessimistic;
but they are just words, and cannot exist without their opposite:
possible, passible, attainable, realistic- the true, and telling, words of the optimistic.
It has probably been said a million times, and by a million people already,
but the struggle and hardship is life, and nature’s, way of making us all ready-
ready to overcome the challenges and the obsticles that spring up before us,
ready to see the forest through the trees- to quiet our mind, and focus.
Live every day as if it were your last; when you dream, dream not of today;
be a part of the world, and live your life in any and every possible way.

Here in the United Kingdom, it is that time again:
that time when we are asked to make our mark with our pen,
that time when we the Great British public are asked to choose,
and vote for the party who “wears the best shoes”-
“the best shoes” being how a political party present’s themselves:
the same old rhetoric, just taken down from the shelf?
a “reshuffling of the cards”; all campaign, and no gain?
like an envelope without a stamp; all bottle, and no Champagne?

Election’s, like life, are about weighing up commonalites;
about rising above trends and generalities;
about balancing the who, the what, the will, and the why;
about sizing-up the potential new leader of your country, eye-to-eye.
“Vote for change”, “Out with the old, and in with the new”,
“Put us in govenment and see what we will do for you”-
personally, if I ever read that I would have to question whether that was true;
because it doesn’t matter what is said, what matters is what people do.
Every party has a view of the world; every leader is a new Prime Minister;
surely not every politician is untrustworthy, currupt, and sinister?
To vote, or not to vote; that is the question:
and my answer, without hesitation,
is yes! Absolutely! Why would you not?
Because this is your time to be counted- this is your shot!

The life’s blood of the Earth’s physical form-
that which was instrumental to transform
the planet beneath our feet billions of years ago
into what see today- still continue’s to flow below.
On the 24th of April 2010,
I was reminded, yet again,
just how powerless and small we are to that of the Earth-
our living and breathing home-world of life, death, and rebirth;
on that day a volcano below a glacier in Iceland
brought all of the UK’s airplane’s and people to a stand,
when a huge plume of ash from the volcano
decided to remind everyone, by putting on a show,
that no matter how much we believe we are the architects of our own destiny-
compared to the power of the Earth, we are but the fruit of a tree;
we are all tied together, connected, and are all of one planet:
and we are seeing the evidence of that right now, and we can’t deny it.

All roads lead here,
all roads leave from here;
all love gives you a reason to cheer,
all love gives you a reason to shed a tear;
all music is attractive to the ear,
all music should be ambitious and utterly without fear;
all friends are honest, open, and encouraging,
all friends are an asset of energy that is catalysing;
all eyes look to the sun at the time of an eclipse,
all eyes look forward to new vistas, and to new trips;
all windows are constantly evolving kaleidoscopes,
all windows are portals to your thoughts and hopes;
all inspiration is every page in the book of your life,
all inspiration is a rose of harmony in a garden of strife;
all that we are is a never-ending ladder to the clouds above,
all that we are is reflected in the people who we love;
all that I know, all that I think about,
all that resonates for longer and louder than a shout,
all that is, all that was, all that will ever be,
all that is intangible and is not bound by gravity,
all that I am, all that I have touched, heard, seen, and read;
all that has allowed me to see the long and winding road ahead.

A wanderer and writer of embrace and rhyme-
like a traveller of dimension’s, space, and time;
I am a Poet, an observer, a lover of words and people,
who loves to write about the world as if seeing it from a steeple:
looking at everything and everyone, and seeing it as it is: as one,
from horizon to horizon being bathed in the energy and light of the sun-
whether it be a hamlet, a town, a city, a region, a state,
or an entire country: everything and everyone has a story to tell that relates.
The thrill of imagining, creating, imparting new life into common connections:
everyday thoughts, feelings, sights, and sounds, and renewing them into projections,
is what I love to do, to imbue, to write about, and to convey-
what I think about, what I dream about, and what inspires me every hour of every day.
I like to think of myself not so dissimilar to the wandering minstrel of old,
who travelled from town to town with music and the retelling of stories he had been told;
however, I guess, I am more of a twenty-first century minstrel, poet, and bard-
who, with the help of the internet, loves to share his poetry with the world at large.
The freedom to imagine, to express; the ability to go where no one has gone before,
is the gift of every person on this planet- to seek their hearts desire, and to explore.
To me, poetry is the road that has no end; to me, poetry is my unlimited currency to spend;
to me, poetry is a connection to the universe that I would highly recommend;
to me, poetry has a power unto itself- that can connect every man, woman, lover, and friend.

Hopes, dreams, feelings, and memories-
like honey to a hive of honey bees-
vitalizing, energizing, driving us all forward;
asking us to question everything that we may have misunderstood.

Our feelings can be confused, forgotten, reasserted, or reset;
our memories, however, are but a silhouette-
more like a remembrance of a person, place, or an event,
and subject to the weather of our minds- what we believe to be true and invent.

Hopes and dreams, to me, could only be the product of an optimist;
Why? Well, I suppose it is similiar to the first time that we are kissed:
planned, or not- you still feel the hair’s on the back of your neck stand on end-
and just like your hopes and dreams, you feel that you can extend
all that you are, all that you want and hope and dream of having and becoming-
like someone recognising a song by the tone of your humming.

Our conscious and unconscious minds have an incredible capacity:
a powerful inspiration invigorator and dream generator, and an audacity,
that can at times be prone to confusion, and obviation,
but which is capable of incredible feat’s of creativity through realization-
the construction of an unsurpassable framework and structure
that can stand the test of any obsticle, and is impossible to fracture.




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