To the most beautiful, the most adoring, the most supportive BT fan;
to the best Mom and Wife- your husband, I must say, is a very lucky man!
To the woman who lights up Twitter with every word that she tweets;
to the unbreakable, who mesmerises everyone who follows her and everyone she meets!
To the only woman I know who has the most impeccable taste:
who loves BT’s music, and who could never see a Starbucks coffee go to waste!
To the indomitable, the special, the sensationally gorgeous, and kind,
to the spectacular; to the luminous shining star, whose Light could never be confined!
To the amazing, inspirational, breathtaking, beautiful, blue-eyed, hopeful, Angel,
to the ensorcelling, majestic, gift to the World- who, in my opinion, is just magical!
To Sara, Twitter username SaraChelle82
I write this poem now as a gift for you:
a gift that I hope you will like, and see it as a fitting gift for you on your birthday-
a little something that hopefully reminds you, Sara, that you are wonderful in every way!
Happy Birthday, Sara- I hope your day is as phenomenal, and as amazing as you are;
today I will play These Hopeful Machines in your name, Sara- because you are a superstar!