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I see Her.
I read Shakespeare.
I fall in love.
I look upon myself from above.
I am inspired.
I am admired.
I write and write and write.
I dream about Her every night.
I am under Her spell.
I never want to say farewell.
I think about Her every hour.
I feel as if I have unlimited power.

I see Her in someone else’s embrace.
I feel as if I have come last in a race.
I wish I had read the signs more intently.
I wish I had been struck earlier by this epiphany.
I know in my heart I will never forget Her.
I just want to fall out of love and feel better.
I want my word’s to mean something again.
I don’t want my poetry to instill in me such pain.

I see Her again 12 months after.
I see Her from afar, happy, and full of laughter.
I think about what She once meant to me.
I think about the gift of inspiration that She gave to me.
I look upon Her for what I know will be the last time.
I smile to myself, look to the sky, and begin to create a rhyme.


Poetry, to me, is like an anchor of order in a sea of chaos-
like a ship traversing a stormy ocean, with every hope of getting across.
Poetry, to me, is like a lighthouse guiding a ship into shore-
like a beacon of hope; an S.O.S; or an anticipatory knock at the door.
Poetry, to me, is like a visitation; a dream; a cue from the universe-
like a song that stays in your head long after you hear the final verse.

For every theory there is a constant, for every formula there is an equation-
for every poem there is a muse, an idea, a vision of a poets joy of expression.
Like a scientist to a chalkboard; like a sculpture to a block of marble;
like the waves of an ocean being created by the Moon’s gravitational pull,
I believe with every poem that I write I am weaving the thread’s of a tapestry-
slowly, but surely, piecing together the puzzle of my life, the world, and me.

My Theory of Poetry revolves around love, life, freeing yourself of doubt and fear-
taking the time to realize that your imagination engine always has another gear.
My Theory of Poetry is a simple invitation: to be inspired, to be brave, and to create-
even if it is something that people don’t at first understand, like, or say “that’s great!”
My Theory of Poetry is not just about rhyming words, or about understanding a notion-
it is about the creation of something, anything, with an abundance of thought and emotion.

The beautiful Light within Luciana Carro is a perfect symmetry,
a golden and timeless Light that radiates so brilliantly!
The energy of a billion sun’s shines through her eyes,
like the spectacular and mezmerising Aurora Borealis of the northern skies,
when people see Luciana they are instantly and inextricably marvelled-
so much so that people often become bewitched and ensorcelled
by her beauty, her inspiration, her graceful and intoxicating spell,
her amazing talent, with which, in my eyes, she most definitely excel’s!
The Light of Luciana places her on another level
a level on which her family, friends, and fans, will forever revel!
The radiancy of Luciana’s joyfulness enshrouds all who know her,
all who love her, who admire her, and whose attention will never leave her.
Luciana’s beautiful and eternal Light will shine forever and never fade away;
and I hope she is infinitely blessed, as she illuminates the world every single day!

We all hope to do things in life that are worth remembering;
we all hope to leave a song after we pass that is worth singing.
We all hope to meet, to enjoy, and to love people, places, and things;
we all hope to ascend, to take flight, to sour as if with Daedalus’ wings.

From the moment I first saw my poetic muse,
from the moment I first saw Luciana, I saw a universe of infinite hues.
From the moment I wrote my first verse of poetry,
from that moment I believe that a very special gift was bestowed upon me.

My one wish in life, like that of many authors, poets, singers, musicians, and sculpture’s,
above all else, is to create something that truly moves, enlightens, and inspires-
something that people cannot wait to listen to, touch, feel, and see-
a signature of the artist in question that is two words long: Remember Me.

Since the beginning of time there have been places of special reverence-
places of sacred ground where you can feel a presence:
there have been places of worship, of importance,
places of spiritual ascendance;
places of rejuvenation, excitation, exhiliration of your essence;
places of convalescence, acquiescence, places of absolute brilliance-
Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, Chapel, Church, or Cathedral;
a forest, a mountain top, a view that leaves you feeling overfull.

The World itself is the planets biggest place of worship,
and for me walking through the forest of Chantry Wood is always a trip:
the beautiful, breathtaking, invigorating ambience of the English countryside
is an amazingly affective experience that always leaves me wide-eyed.
The stirring, inspiring, transporting, looking out to a sun-bathed sea,
while standing alone on a beach, feeling every fear and doubt disperse and flee,
is a transcending, uplifting, revelatory, immersive, remembrance of life’s energy-
an echo, a conversation, a merging together of the past, the future, and memory.
My Temple is Everywhere, Everywhen, Everything, and Everyone-
places, times, things, and people- I remember, have kept, and relationships yet to come.

Five, four, three, two, one-
like a rocket being launched with the power of the sun-
when you fall in love your whole body radiates with light;
the moment you fall in love there is no star in your sky that shines more bright.

There is nothing like falling in love and getting to know a new muse-
the most important person on the planet, who is worthy of all the world’s news.
The energy you feel when you fall in love is amazing and unmistakable-
because love is the force of the universe, and is simply unbreakable!

Between first sight and first flight there is no going back-
the moment you see the light of love there is no going back to black.
When you fall in love your heart and your mind become one in a big bang-
like the creation of the universe, from where all light and love sprang.

Falling in love is a trip that eclipses any journey into the final frontier;
falling in love is an unparrelleled gift that, to me, is always sincere.
Falling in love can be perilous, heartbreaking- but it is so unbelievably rewarding;
and now I am now ready for a new adventure, and I can already hear the rocket boarding.

I have often looked up at the night sky- to The Moon, and to Mars;
I have often imagined someone on another planet looking right back at Ours:
someone looking up at a sky, on a planet spining around a far-distant star,
someone who believes that the idea of other Life in the universe is just bizarre.

More recently, however, I have imagined the idea of Life a bit more “closer to home”,
the idea of Life in our solar system- on a world, and of a species that is not Our own.
Europa- the icy, line-stricken, ocean world, and the sixth moon of Jupiter-
may harbor neighbouring alien life- the potential of which has created quite a stir.

What actually lies below the mysterious frozen surface of Europa
may hold great significance to humanity- as important as that of Mesopotamia.
Mesopotamia is cited by many as “the cradle of civilization”;
just as Europa may turn out to be the second cradle of life in our solar system.

Just think of it, as I have: aquatic alien ocean-dwelling life,
inhabiting a moon orbiting a gas giant where century-old storm clouds are rife.
Just imagine what Europan life could look like in a snap-shot of what we may see:
imagine if we saw below the surface of Europa a connection to Earth- us, you, and me.




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