Poetry, to me, is like an anchor of order in a sea of chaos-
like a ship traversing a stormy ocean, with every hope of getting across.
Poetry, to me, is like a lighthouse guiding a ship into shore-
like a beacon of hope; an S.O.S; or an anticipatory knock at the door.
Poetry, to me, is like a visitation; a dream; a cue from the universe-
like a song that stays in your head long after you hear the final verse.

For every theory there is a constant, for every formula there is an equation-
for every poem there is a muse, an idea, a vision of a poets joy of expression.
Like a scientist to a chalkboard; like a sculpture to a block of marble;
like the waves of an ocean being created by the Moon’s gravitational pull,
I believe with every poem that I write I am weaving the thread’s of a tapestry-
slowly, but surely, piecing together the puzzle of my life, the world, and me.

My Theory of Poetry revolves around love, life, freeing yourself of doubt and fear-
taking the time to realize that your imagination engine always has another gear.
My Theory of Poetry is a simple invitation: to be inspired, to be brave, and to create-
even if it is something that people don’t at first understand, like, or say “that’s great!”
My Theory of Poetry is not just about rhyming words, or about understanding a notion-
it is about the creation of something, anything, with an abundance of thought and emotion.