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We all hope to do things in life that are worth remembering;
we all hope to leave a song after we pass that is worth singing.
We all hope to meet, to enjoy, and to love people, places, and things;
we all hope to ascend, to take flight, to sour as if with Daedalus’ wings.

From the moment I first saw my poetic muse,
from the moment I first saw Luciana, I saw a universe of infinite hues.
From the moment I wrote my first verse of poetry,
from that moment I believe that a very special gift was bestowed upon me.

My one wish in life, like that of many authors, poets, singers, musicians, and sculpture’s,
above all else, is to create something that truly moves, enlightens, and inspires-
something that people cannot wait to listen to, touch, feel, and see-
a signature of the artist in question that is two words long: Remember Me.




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