Since the beginning of time there have been places of special reverence-
places of sacred ground where you can feel a presence:
there have been places of worship, of importance,
places of spiritual ascendance;
places of rejuvenation, excitation, exhiliration of your essence;
places of convalescence, acquiescence, places of absolute brilliance-
Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, Chapel, Church, or Cathedral;
a forest, a mountain top, a view that leaves you feeling overfull.

The World itself is the planets biggest place of worship,
and for me walking through the forest of Chantry Wood is always a trip:
the beautiful, breathtaking, invigorating ambience of the English countryside
is an amazingly affective experience that always leaves me wide-eyed.
The stirring, inspiring, transporting, looking out to a sun-bathed sea,
while standing alone on a beach, feeling every fear and doubt disperse and flee,
is a transcending, uplifting, revelatory, immersive, remembrance of life’s energy-
an echo, a conversation, a merging together of the past, the future, and memory.
My Temple is Everywhere, Everywhen, Everything, and Everyone-
places, times, things, and people- I remember, have kept, and relationships yet to come.