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In the future I want to be dreaming of the past,
I want to be remembering the good times and the bad-
my muse’, my family, the friends that I have amassed.

In the future I want to be able to look back and see the cipher to my choices,
I want to be able to put a name to the face of my life’s impressions, echoes, and voices.

In the future I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror,
I want to be able to look into my own eyes, and ask myself:
did you grow beyond the confines of your garden,
or did you only blossom for a single season, and then you withered?

In the future I want to be on the crest of a wave of pure
and intoxicating inspiration,
I want to embrace my heroes, young and old- and make their influence the basis and the core of my life’s vocation.


Who are you? Who am I?
We were all born. We all live. And one day we will all die.
But is that it? Is that the paradigm of life, existence, and identity?
Or, perhaps, is that just our way of simplifying the universes inherent eccentricity.

The colour of our planet is made up of many varying hues;
the colour of our lives is made up of many varying vistas, horizons, and views.
The pigment of our interactions is made up of a multitude of interconnected rainbows;
the flowerbeds of our garden is like an aurora of light emanating from the petals of a rose.

Life, to me, is like the ingredients, the constituents, and the recipe of light:
light is colour, just as colour is light; night is day, just as day is night;
however, how every living-thing perceives the world could not be more different;
just as not everyone speaks the same language, in the same voice, or with the same accent;
just as not every species of bird has the same call, or whale the same song-
life is one big orchestra, choir, and chorus, of sound, expression, pallette, and throng.

What makes life so captivating to me,
is the fact that we, the Earth-kind, are all individual; but we all stem from the same tree.
What makes me smile, what makes me jump up for joy, and tell everyone I meet,
is exactly what puts the hue in human, and what puts the light in elite:
the truth that what we think we are seeing is not all that there is,
the knowledge that all life and light is one and the same, and shines brighter than Polaris.

When I look at our planet, on TV, in magazines, in newspaper’s, or on the web;
when I see families who have lost everything they have, I am filled with dread;
when I hear that the most powerful countries are spinning our world out of control;
when I read that there may come a day when there will be no ice at the North pole;
when I watch an incredible, insightful, invaluable, film like ‘The Age of Stupid’,
that is when I shake my head in disgust at the reality that cannot be hid:
that we, the vaunted Human race,
may be the architects and the enablers of our own species’ fall from grace.
The Earth, our planet, the eden from where all life came into being,
is burning, changing, and at this rate may one day need quarantining.
The reason? We need only look out our window, or turn on our television:
we are changing the world, more so than we could ever possibly imagine.
It didn’t just happen yesterday, and the solution will not happen overnight;
but if we all do not start taking climate change seriously we will suffer a blight:
we, the self-proclaimed “most intelligent species”, will one day cease to exist;
we, “the dominant race”, will one day be number one on the endangered species list.
I am staggered that it has taken the world this long to realise the truth;
however, I am not supprised that the clarion call is being made by the youth-
because, after all, the children of today may be the last of human-kind;
and the facts do speak for themselves to anyone of sound reason and mind.
People from all around the world are mobilizing to bring us back from the brink;
but it is a choice for the entire world: do we want to live? or do we want to sink?
I personally could not live with myself, nor could I go to sleep at night,
if I thought that it was too late for us to make a difference and to try to put things right.

Dedicated to the late great Pete Postlethwaite

Order, peace- obliterated within an instant.
Chalices of life all extinguished,
as if they were in the path of a supernovas front.
The deafening scream that follows
will forever follow them into their nightmares;
the chaos that ensues, the hysteria that spreads like a contagion through the air,
elevates the newly-inducted demon to greater heights-
to a vantage point, from where the sun is hell
and the days are forever night.
There is no going back:
once they start down this path they are already dead;
they will beg their entire life
to be freed from the voices that reside in their head.
Pandemonium is now their paradise, Earth is no longer their home;
they are no longer human, they have crossed over into the forbidden zone-
the place where you go when you sacrifice your humanity;
the place where you die,
forever spiraling down a bottomless chasm of insanity.
What they have done is not without consequence,
what they have committed to is an existence without recompense,
what they are now is who they will always be;
they will never truly know what they have done, nor what could have been.

For those who are left behind,
for those who must try to grieve and move on;
for those whose lives have been shattered by this demon,
their world is now gone.
The demon is now on a road to self-destruction,
but his casualties still remain-
they must now come to terms with their loss and try to weather the pain.
Creating a state of hate,
inciting a pandemonium of chaos here on Earth
is not the dream of any child
when they are looking up at their parents from birth.
I will never understand murder,
to me their is no condoning the taking of another’s life;
even a demon can’t escape oblivion,
and one day they too will face the Grim Reapers scythe.

I always strive to be the best that I can be.
I always put all that I am into my family, my artistry, my dexterity.
In my life I have been fortunate to have been taught by the best:
my parents, my friends, my heroes- whose lessons I will forever attest.
I have been given the means, the motivation,
the tenacity, and the imagination,
the belief that we all have greatness within us-
all we need is the will, and the inspiration.
My thirst for knowledge can never be quenched,
my drive to excell can never be halted,
my vision of the world can never be shaded,
my intentions can never be faulted.
The beating heart within our chest,
the untold depths that our minds can reach,
is tantamount to the stars in the sky
that number like the grains of sand on a beach.
We are all born with a desire to learn, to love,
to give, to reach out, and to touch;
but we can have no idea who we will be, what we will do,
with whom, or with how much;
however, the more we see, the more we hear,
the more we think, the more we dream,
and the more we feel our gifts within us take over,
we start to create our own slipstream.
We are all masters of our own destiny.
We are all dexterous in the intuition we originate.
We are the authors, we are the children,
we are the descendents of all that we create.

To me there is no better way to start the day,
than to reinvigorate my daily constitution the same way-
by enjoying one of the greatest drinks, in my opinion, ever invented,
the drink that has influenced the course of history, since it was first planted.
A sometimes underestimated beverage, but one that is always gutsy:
their really is nothing better, or more enjoyable, than a great cup of tea!
Inside the best cup of tea lies an inspiring oasis of taste and texture;
an insight; a storm; a threshold; a cure.
Tea has brought down boundaries; tea has been the spark of revolution;
tea has been the reason to stage a party; tea has led to resolution.
Idea’s have been formulated, indomitable individuals have been swayed-
all while enjoying a cup of tea, that has not long since been made.
From leaf to harvest; from fermentation to blending;
from a bag, a spoon, in water, to a cup- tea is transcending.
If someone were to ask me what my favourite drink was, it would have to be
the drink of monarchy, the favourite of royalty: it would have to be tea!

You are here. This is the beginning. Welcome to day one!
This is the start of a brand new year, and the time for another run around the sun.
Yesterday was last year; tomorrow is happening right now;
the slate has been wiped clean, we can have no idea what this year will endow.
The first day is always the hardest; you start re-sighting resolutions that very morning;
the last 12 months are a blur, the events of the next 12 months offer no forewarning.
No matter the cold wind blowing outside your window, no matter the cloudy sky above-
believe that whatever happens this year you will do something to be proud of.
Obstacles will rise up; challenges will present themselves; fate will, at times, intervene;
but don’t be afraid to take chances and make your mark on our constantly revolving machine.
This new year will change who you are, this new year will offer you many opportunities,
this new year will give you the means to grow, this new year will impart new responsibilities;
but what this new year cannot do, and what must be your choice alone,
is to make the decision about whether to stand tall and to walk towards lifes ever-turning cyclone;
or whether to allow the world to blow you in the direction that it sees fit –
a leaf on the wind; of planet Earth, but not really a part of it.
Be resolute is your resolutions; be bold in your beliefs; don’t allow yourself to be overcome.
Make this year the year that you want it to be; be brave; because it all starts today, on day one.




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