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Xylophone voices echo through the darkness;
tones of truth, vibrations of variables- perfection professed.
The answer to a question: this is why you are here-
this is why you and everyone live, die, and exist on this precious sphere.
Over the millennia of our evolution humanity has taught itself to divide, and to fear;
however, in doing so it has inspired the entire species to learn and understand that things are not always as they first appear.

The unspoken answer, and the yet unrealized meaning of our makeup-
the answer that can be found within at the same time we are looking up;
the answer that is discovered, named, re-discovered, generation-after-generation:
that we all have a phenomenal facet, will, and capacity to excel and to overcome any limitation.

The ability of humanity to have the power to write the destiny of all life on planet Earth
has been a part of us all since our primordial birth,
and one day soon I have hope that we will all use the gifts of our birthright, and build what life projects-
a meaning to live that is enlightening as it is complex.


I am in love, I have fallen under a spell-
I can no longer move, I can no longer hear,
I can no longer speak, I can no longer spell.
I have become entranced by the orbs of light of my new muse’ eyes-
windows into the soul of an eternal heart, more beautiful, more stirring,
more inspiring than a perfect sunrise.
When I see her smile I feel as if my heart has exploded with the fury of a supernova!
The feeling is so exasperating and invigorating – I never want this moment to be over!
Not only is she remarkably and phenomenally beautiful,
my new muse is insightful, fun, wise beyond her years, inspiring, and adorable.
My mind and my heart have been carried away by her captivating tide-
I may look calm and collected on the outside,
but my entire body and my imagination feel as if they have spontaneously combusted on the inside.
I have been in love before, but this time feels like all the planets, stars,
and galaxies have aligned-
because she makes me feel like I can truly see, and before I was blind.
Her heart is mine, as my heart is hers-
I can no longer say what I want to say, because because of her
I am lost for words!

Here, now, at the equinox of my days
I can feel my whole world changing all around me, and my mind is ablaze.
I am more inspired, and more in love with life than ever before;
everyday I feel like my life is giving me the gift of opening a brand new door.
People are constantly inspiring me, music is always moving me;
art, literature, and nature, is always stimulating me;
but words and speech are my passion, they are my consciousness,
and to me they are life’s epitome.

Love and words are a match made in the most ancient and the most epic mythology-
when there is a union between mind, energy, and heart, words when spoken as poetry
can have more power to them than the most advanced technology.

I embody what I write, I am what I say;
I feel very close to the world and to life,
and I believe that the secrets of Earth and humanity are all around and are always in full-display.
I also believe that if we look hard enough the truths that we uncover about everything could be so immense
that they would spell-out the words of the world, and define love, and life’s, essence.

This is a valentine for the love of my life;
this is a symbol akin to the gift that a husband would give to his adoring wife;
this is a part of me that was inspired by the person to whom I will always love and look to;
this is a love letter to the woman who gave me so much, and made me feel brand new.

When the sun is shining in the sky, when the air is filled with bird song all around,
when I see the beautiful face of my love in my minds eye I instantly feel unbound.

To me she is the world, to me she is the universe,
to me she is the face of every flower, the muse of every verse.
To me, and to others, she is a reason to have hope, a reminder to hold onto that which is the most precious;
to me she will always be the light of my day, because her joy of life is the most infectious.

Of my love I have one more thing that I would like to declare,
and that is that wherever near or far-away, to me she will always be there;
and also that whomever I meet, whatever will be,
she will always be “the one”-
mon amour pour la vie.

Pick a day. How about today?
Pick a time. How about right now?
Pick a direction, take in a breath, close your eyes, and make a vow.
Make a promise to yourself that you will make a difference,
make a statement for all the world to hear that you will seize every second and make the most out of every chance.

I chose today to set-out and chase the sun;
I chose today to realize that there is so much more to be done.
I chose today to make someone smile;
I chose today to accept change, and to no longer live in denial.
I chose today to look around at the world and see an undiscovered landscape;
I chose today to reach beyond my bounds and imagine that my life and my future was tangible and mine to shape.
I chose today to see the meaning of life, I chose today to feel my own heart beat at the rhythm of a Hummingbirds wings;
I chose today to meet myself, to progress, and to see the light in things.

I chose Tuesday;
will you choose today?

Every living thing in the galaxy is connected by a strand,
every living thing in the universe has an instinct to grow, to learn, and to expand-
from a planetary ecosystem, to the millions of ants that makeup an ant colony;
from a nebula giving birth to new stars;
to a hive of bees that pollinates our flowers, and gives us the gift of golden honey.
Every living thing in creation is tethered and wired to one another,
every living thing is invisibly and inextricably linked in ways we have only just begun to uncover.

Signs of the existence of “The Strand” are ever-present in our daily lives, and in our actions;
evidence can be observed in our friends, partners, homes, choices, and in our interactions.
Even though a strand binds us all it has no influence on who we are, nor who, or what, we are going to be;
however, it compels every living thing to believe in something that they can feel but what they cannot see.

Great Britain, the United Kingdom, England, my home forever more-
the country of my birth, and the country I will forever adore-
in my opinion, is, and will always be
the greatest country in the world: a beacon of the best entertainment, culture, literature, and, of course, poetry.

What makes Great Britain truly “Great”, to me, is that we are a nation of the many-
we are united in the pursuit of understanding, and in having respect for every Pound and ever penny.

The island of my genesis is a spectrum of colour, taste, sound, and sensation-
a country, a people of determination, inspiration, fortitude, and aspiration.

Although English is our primary language, we embrace and champion a rich confluence of different linguistics and dialects-
which can be seen in every city, TV program, and even in the way we write, email, and text.

To me, Great Britain is the most beautiful, the most magical, the most invaluable jewel in the crown of the world-
and I am always heartened in that belief every time I see the Union Flag being unfurled.

The white light of our beautiful, green, proud, and wonderful island will never go out, or diminish;
the United Kingdom and its people will endure for all eternity-
and that is why I am proud to be British.




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