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I open my eyes; I take in a breath;
I look below to see the Earth- our blue marble of infinite depth.
I stretch out my arms, I take in the awe- I feel like master of all:
The Poet of our unbelievably beautiful sphere; and yet infinitesimally small.
In that moment, I believe that a single word can rise up an army,
I believe that a single word can give rise to an entire country,
I believe that a single word can be more than it at first appears,
I believe that a single word can shatter reality and bring the world to tears;
I believe that I am that single word, I believe that I am that singularity,
I believe that I alone can utter the poetry to describe Earths unbounded beauty,
I believe that with my next verse I will touch all corners of our planet…
Then I fall, and fall, and fall, and fall-
I watch as Earth comes every closer, until its glow resembles that of a fireball;
I am falling backwards through space, through the atmosphere, through gravity,
I am falling back to the planet that I love- free of fear, free of words, free of vanity-
I am falling back to Earth with such speed, such violence; and yet such serenity-
I am falling out of the black, free of identity, free of humanity, free to just be.

My return to Earth seems never-ending, until my vision clears and I am bathed in light;
I turn my head to see a plane just below me, as if it were suspended in mid-flight.
I am not scared, I am not fearful, I am not ready for this to end-
I feel as if I could live my entire life among the clouds, never again to descend.

The moment I hit the water, the world and all of reality vanishes into darkness;
and, before I know it, I am opening my eyes again to the infinite of vastness-
and, yet again, there is Earth below, above, and before me:
beckoning, inspiring, energizing, and enlightening me-
making me feel indomitable, incredible, master and ruler of all;
and then, as I take in the wonder of the world… I again begin to fall…


“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother”;
is a quote that came to mind while I watched live on TV,
as the successful rescue of 33 miners was witnessed by a billion people, and me.
I, like the world, have followed in fascination the story of these incredibly brave men;
I, like the world, never gave up hope that they would get to see their families again.
The story of the 33 miners and the tireless, inspiring, rescue effort to save them,
always gave me pause and made me wish that I could do something to help them.
When I heard that a plan was in place to free the 33 from their untimely tomb,
I began to feel a strange and moving sensation of the magnitude of a sonic boom-
its hard to describe, and it is perhaps easy for me to say now,
but the moment that I saw the capsule that would save them I instantly went “wow!”;
the instant I saw the ‘Fénix-2‘ all my hope, and the hopes of billions, went with it,
I just knew that like the Phoenix of legend it would rise over again with every miner with it.
For nearly 70 days, 33 men- 33 brothers, no matter their age, background, or family-
survived to tell the tale of their ill-fated entombment together; and to me,
that makes them all mighty.

On 22 August, at 15:17 CLDT, President Sebastián Piñera showed the media a note written on a piece of paper with a red marker that confirmed the miners were alive. The note read: “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (English: “We are okay in the shelter, the 33 [of us]”) – the note was written by Miner #9, Mario Gómez.

2010 Copiapó mining accident

I have wished upon a star; I have marvelled at the beauty of bliss;
I have felt the rush of love, and have been struck by the power of a single kiss.
The power of magic lies in what you do not see and what cannot be seen,
and the gift of a magician is that of taking your senses to a place they have never been.
The gift of a great writer is that of being able to take you on a journey,
to open your cover, to excite your imagination; because you are “literally” the key-
the bridge, the link, the master and most essential piece of the puzzle;
because you are what make the words launch from the page, like the Space Shuttle.
The gravitas of a great singer, the transcendental impact of an amazing musician-
the music of love, life, loss, inspiration- the “je ne sais quoi”, the spark of imagination-
is the indefinable, pure, incredible, addictive, connection to a musicians essence-
a part of them that you take with you, as if you were always in their presence.
The importance of an artist- landscape, portrait, contemporary, modern, home, or grafitti-
is that of showing the many colours of the world, and the multi-textured pallette of humanity.
To me, what makes someone exceptional is also the defining thing that makes them human-
that which is of them, and of everyone else; that which imparts life like the power of the sun.
Everyone on Earth has the gift, the power, the energy of a star coursing below their skin;
everyone on Earth has the potential to change the world, if only they were to imagine.

The speed of thought is a velocity unparrelled by the fastest rocket;
the speed of thought is a treasure that you can grasp and put in your pocket.
The speed of thought is the momentum that drives the wheels of the world;
the speed of thought is unbounded, and glistens with the sparkle of a pearl.

I live to see that look in someone’s eyes when they have an idea;
I live to see that smile on someone’s face when joy triumphs over fear.
I live to feel and be caught-up in a wave of emotion and go along for the ride;
I live to share a moment of exhilaration that only the speed of thought can provide.

Everything in existence, including The Big Bang, is as the result on an idea:
an idea so repeating, replicating, enlightening, and energizing, that it spread like a cheer.
Thought and inspiration is to an idea, as a Mother and Father are to a child;
and an idea that grows inside your mind, to me, is akin to the first time a baby smiles-
that moment when you are looking down at them with so much love and adoration,
and then they open their eyes and look back at you with an unending joyful expression.

I have always seen Humanity, and all life in the universe, as a matter of fact,
as the instrument’s of a “necessary will”- a part of which each one of us daily enacts.
The speed of thought is the limitless pace of Life that all life creates and is a part of;
the speed of thought is everything that is within you, of you, around you, and above.




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