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The light went out,
but only for a second;
the fire turned to smoke,
but then it returned when I beckoned;
the ground fell away,
but returned when I sat;
life ended,
but came alive again
when I looked into the eyes of a black cat;
fog clouded my vision,
but evaporated when I whistled;
I was holding onto the moon by a string,
but it never carried me away,
and always came back to me when I pulled;
the heat was unbearable,
but I was shivering from cold in an instant;
one minute I was lying in bed,
but then when I reopened my eyes
I was now somewhere completely different;
time stood still,
but with the click of a finger
the minutes seemed to pass much quicker;
the sun rose in the sky,
but went out with a flicker.



All the leaves have fallen;
all the flowers have gone to bed;
all the webs have been spun;
all the swallows have flown south,
but now there are Robins flying overhead.

The sky is grey, but at times there is a precious hint of blue;
the air is crisp, but at night the eyes of the sky are open-wide
and the lights of the night are in full view.

Pine trees and street lights are daily being adorned
with new colour, sparkle, and flash;
plans and changes are being made constantly,
because the season of glee, gifts, and greeting, is approaching fast.

As most of the world hibernates, quietens,
and goes their way in a winter fashion-
others embrace their days more than ever
with energy, hope, joy, and passion.

It is an amazing time of the year-
filled with beauty, roaring fires, and the coming together of people;
however, what really amazes me every year
is the lengths to which some will go to give their time to others,
so as to make someone else’s life, even for a day, feel full.

Every year I give thanks, in my own way, for the people in my life
who are special beyond words to me, who make my heart beat faster,
and who I am thankful for and cherish-
everyday I give thanks for my fortune of family, friends, followers,
and for my freedom to flourish.

My World

Out of the darkness,
a light in the sky of my life appeared before me-
unlike any star that I had ever seen;
this light fell to Earth, and immediately restarted the entire world before my eyes,
and allowed me to see
the underlying code of beauty that is the universe’ universal poetry:
a poetry so timeless, its influence and language
stem from the instant of the big bang
all the way into the distant future;
a muse so amazing, and inspiring,
its allure is everywhere throughout the stars;
however, what it inspires on every sphere
no one can ever be truly sure.
Like a light that you dream about,
I believed that this epiphany would change my life, and me;
but I had no idea that it would take me to the depths and the heights that it has,
nor show me the clarity of meaning, reflections of understanding,
so that they may be set-free.

I was unprepared for what came next,
I had no time to be awestruck, silenced, lost for words, or perplexed-
the rhyme of my life was being written, spoken, acted-out,
from my first sunset to my final dawn-
in an instant I understood everything,
and I knew whose beautiful face I had seen in my dreams ever since I was born-
I knew her name, I knew her face, I knew her heart, I knew her voice;
I knew that I had to find her, to tell her who she was,
and I knew that I would have to make a choice:
to tell her- my light, my inspiration, my muse- that I loved her,
in every way imaginable and always;
or to continue looking up at a light in the sky,
and constantly live a life clouded in a haze.

I chose love, and I am so glad that I did;
ever since that light, that star, first started to shine in my sky,
and whose face is forever imprinted on the inside of my eyelids,
I have been remade, rebooted, renewed, with a truth, a purpose,
and a power, the world has never seen-
a man, a friend, a lover, a son;
a dreamer, a believer;
a poetry machine.


I wore my poppy with pride today,
I wore my poppy with honour, with reverence,
with a full, but a heavy, heart,
as I thought about the cost our world of heroes has had to pay.

I walked in silence,
and I stood in stillness,
in the shadow of the cenotaph to the lost and to the fallen-
I looked above to the monument, and to the sky,
and I wished that I were a poet who could express
what I was thinking, and what I was feeling, at that moment
to all and to everyone.

I wear my poppy today, because I am thankful to be alive;
I wear my poppy today, because I cannot, and can never, forget
my brother, my sister, my own,
who believed, fought, sacrificed, and died, for me-
whose names should be revered and remembered for all time,
and always survive.

I walk in silence,
and I stand in tears,
casting a shadow in the midday sun on the monument to humanity, Earth,
as I, we, lower our eyes, head, and heart, as-one in peace,
and in hope that Earth will one day live as a world war-free;
standing united with the faces, and the fate,
of the world we made, and the world to come,
each of us wearing a token of our gratitude-
me, I am wearing my poppy.

Never forget

What a world of wonder we now live in!
What a world of will, life has always been!
What a world of whispers echo between sunlight and starlight!
What a world of waves, weaves, warmth, and wealth,
of whatever anyone can put their mind to,
can set the mind of others alight!

Humanity has been capable of achieving so much in our time on Earth,
and at no greater, or more profound, time than right now;
every person on planet Earth can pick out something
that someone outstanding has done, or achieved-
look at it, be inspired by it, take it in their hands,
and say in silence, or out-loud: “Oh wow!”

What a universe all life has at their touch;
but one which they, we, have only just scratched the surface;
what a universe of unlimited beauty, expressed in ways
humanity’s five senses are at this point incapable of conceptualizing-
because if we could, our tears would be set on fire,
and we would turn the oceans of the Earth into a furnace.

Humanity will one day take flight into The Milky Way
in ways thus far only dreamers of tomorrow, writers, artists-
people of deep thought, who can see and feel
the many strands of life simultaneously-
have imagined, illustrated, and shown us all how.
Whether one day with technology of own invention,
or a confluence of ideals, ideas,
and of well-being for all of humanity,
while we are all still sun-bound-
there will come a day when humanity will be seen
for who, and for what, we are;
and the observation that will be made will be: “Oh wow!”

In memory of Steve Jobs

People are extraordinary!
People are amazing, hopeful, optimistic, generous, and kind!
People are wonderful, energizing, thoughtful- thinking all the time,
with something and someone always on their mind.

Their are so many inspiring people in this world,
who wake up before the sun, and who are the real first light of the day,
who get out of bed every morning for others before themselves,
and who only wish to give more than they take away.

Parents, carers, doctors, teachers,
who love and live to be there for those that need them,
whose passion for their calling in life
is as awe-inspiring as the Grand Canyon.

Everyday I am taken aback and left stunned
by the actions of others that are solely for the betterment
and the well-being of another person-
giving love, care, attention;
eliciting meaning, strength, reasons to go on;
inspiring with hope and vision.

I have been moved by the courage, the determination,
and the heart of so many people- old and young:
a husband who only wants the best for his adoring wife;
a little boy battling against a brain tumor-
so kind, happy, and so unbelievably strong.

It is only when people pass on
that their true worth becomes their lasting memory-
that is the irony of life: that no matter what you do and why,
in the minds of those you have touched
you will forever live on in an infinite thought
and in an untainted effigy.

People often go out into the daylight
and look around at the world around them,
look inside themselves at their world within,
and ask silently of themselves:
what have they done, and have they done the best for others,
and for their own self, no matter how or where they were born on Earth-
and more often than people would probably want to admit,
the answer would be no, not always;
but that is life, that is humanity, that is our planet-
we are a part of a nexus, in which we all prove our worth.





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