Five, four, three, two, one-
like a rocket being launched with the power of the sun-
when you fall in love your whole body radiates with light;
the moment you fall in love there is no star in your sky that shines more bright.

There is nothing like falling in love and getting to know a new muse-
the most important person on the planet, who is worthy of all the world’s news.
The energy you feel when you fall in love is amazing and unmistakable-
because love is the force of the universe, and is simply unbreakable!

Between first sight and first flight there is no going back-
the moment you see the light of love there is no going back to black.
When you fall in love your heart and your mind become one in a big bang-
like the creation of the universe, from where all light and love sprang.

Falling in love is a trip that eclipses any journey into the final frontier;
falling in love is an unparrelleled gift that, to me, is always sincere.
Falling in love can be perilous, heartbreaking- but it is so unbelievably rewarding;
and now I am now ready for a new adventure, and I can already hear the rocket boarding.