I have often looked up at the night sky- to The Moon, and to Mars;
I have often imagined someone on another planet looking right back at Ours:
someone looking up at a sky, on a planet spining around a far-distant star,
someone who believes that the idea of other Life in the universe is just bizarre.

More recently, however, I have imagined the idea of Life a bit more “closer to home”,
the idea of Life in our solar system- on a world, and of a species that is not Our own.
Europa- the icy, line-stricken, ocean world, and the sixth moon of Jupiter-
may harbor neighbouring alien life- the potential of which has created quite a stir.

What actually lies below the mysterious frozen surface of Europa
may hold great significance to humanity- as important as that of Mesopotamia.
Mesopotamia is cited by many as “the cradle of civilization”;
just as Europa may turn out to be the second cradle of life in our solar system.

Just think of it, as I have: aquatic alien ocean-dwelling life,
inhabiting a moon orbiting a gas giant where century-old storm clouds are rife.
Just imagine what Europan life could look like in a snap-shot of what we may see:
imagine if we saw below the surface of Europa a connection to Earth- us, you, and me.