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A little boy with his Dad looking up at The Moon through his telescope;
a young man, standing in the darkness, gazing up
at the wonder of the night-sky- filled with awe, touched by inspiration,
possessed by hope.

A little boy turns to his Dad, and asks:
Dad, how does the moon stay up in the sky?
a young man looks up at the glowing orb of the night
and he sees the face of his father in his minds eye.

A little boy looks into the eyes of his Dad, and his Dad replies:
The moon will always be there, son- you may not always see its face,
but the light that it emits will never die.

A young man, bathed in moon light, engulfed in the peace and silence
of a star-filled night,
looks through his telescope at the ancient companion of Earth
that is the satellite of wonder, the moon of white;
a little boy looks through his telescope,
as his Dad puts a hand on his shoulder as he too looks up at the sky-
the little boy continues to look on, as his imagination begins to fly!

A young man looks up at the moon
and at the infinite light-scape that he lives under;
a little boy takes his Dads hand, looking up at his face he asks:
will the moon look any bigger when I’m older, I wonder?


You were the spark; you are the reason;
you were there at the creation of my universe;
you are the continuum of my poetry- the eternal face of every season.
The impression that you have made on me will last a lifetime;
the love that you stirred in me will one day reach beyond my fingertips
and be the muse of a new poets rhyme.

The eternity of your beautiful eyes,
the dazzling gorgeousness of your perfect smile,
the heavenly contours of your angelic face,
your breathtaking spirit, your light-
the reason why you are the most amazing by a mile.

Your endless love, compassion, energy, and enthusiasm
is what makes you You, and is why everyone loves you so-
people who you may have already met, people you may never meet,
and people who you may never know.

To me the sun that is your inspiration will never set
and will never not enlighten my view;
you are beautiful, you are phenomenal-
there will never be anyone else more wonderful,
or more special than you.

The march of the poet begins the moment he sees the first light of day,
the waltz of the hopeful commences the instant he leaves his sanctuary
and dances to the tune the world loves to play.
The pilgrimage of the inspired starts the second he hears the call of his intended temple;
the quest of the explorer invigorates with the thought that his journeys end may not be inevitable.

With every step that he takes he can feel a pull of great power attracting him like a magnet;
with every blink that he makes he feels like he is rushing towards something at the velocity of a high-speed jet.
With every beat of his heart he feels as if his own pulse is effecting others
and is causing people to orbit around him;
with every sound that he hears his imagination begins a metamorphosis,
and the people and the places of the world become his adrenalin.

When he finally reaches the cathedral of his muse the whole universe just falls away-
there is no sound, there is no people, there is just natures giants,
a poet, and a perfect day.

If you are like me then you dream of places that you have never been,
you dream of discovery;
and, if you are like me then you know that the meaning of something cannot be realized the first time you see it,
it can only be found upon rediscovery.
A photograph of your first love, a long-since forgotten song from your youth,
an influential book from your formative years,
the rediscovery and acceptance of a home truth.

Our memories and our experiences are an inexhaustible energy-supply for our internal time machine-
they are our way of visiting moments in our lives without having to relive the events of before, or the years in-between.
Rediscovery of a natural gift, however, is an always exhilarating,
and sometimes liberating, discovery that can only be had the second time around-
a discovery that can make you fall-in-love again, inspire you to greater heights than the first time, and can be unbelievably profound.

To rediscover who you are for the first time in your life is a revelation unparalleled by the most learned scholar, psychotherapist, behaviorist,
or man on the street-
a rediscovery that could save your life, and the lives of others;
a discovery that you return to, and a rediscovery that you repeat.




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