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Time, space, the universe itself never existed before The Big Bang;
or so a physicist will tell you, but no one really knows why Life first sprang.
Did creation of our universe come as the result of the demise of another?
Is the cosmos the game of the omnipotent? Or a gift of unbounded wonder?
If there is one universal truth, it is that life came from the stars;
life is born, evolves, and flourishes on countless other planets beyond ours.
When we bask in the early morning sun, or gaze at the night-sky,
what we are really doing is reconnecting, and asking the question: why?
There is nothing more insatiable to someone than that simple three letter word;
probably because the answer is usually ambiguous, and sometimes even absurd.
Why, is a question that always ignites my imagination with intrigue,
maybe because to me nothing is ever out of reach, or out of anyone’s league.
If history has taught us all a lesson, it is that anyone is capable of anything;
everyone can dream, aspire, learn; walk on the moon; write, paint, or sing-
that is humanity’s destiny, that is our potential, gift, and eternal spark,
that is the ticket to ride we all possess on the journey upon which we all long ago embarked.
What happened before The Big Bang? And, what was it that actually ignited?
The coming together of more than one force; and, if so, are they now fully united?
I wish the answer to the ultimate question were as easy as forty-two;
however, if it were, what would be the point of life, the universe, me, and you?


There is no film ever made, or television show on TV,
like that of Joss Whedon’s amazing “Firefly” and “Serenity”.
There is no other world, or character’s that have been created
like Mal, River, Wash, Zoe, Jayne, Inara, Simon, Kaylee, and Book, that feel more related.
There is no other film or TV show that has garnered so many loving fans,
who affectionately describe themselves as “Browncoats”, or “Flans”;
however, “Firefly” and “Serenity”, and there fans are something special-
who often go above and beyond: like the amazing Marian Call.
I will never forget the first time that ever saw “Serenity”-
nor will I ever forget the joy and the love that it instilled in me.
After I saw Serenity, I discovered that it was a continuation of a TV series-
the phenomenal “Firefly”, which to this day still has me formulating hopes and theories.
Not long after I found and fell in love with Serenity and Firefly,
I discovered that it didn’t even make one season before FOX took it off the air to die.
I was sadened, angry- I needed to vent and share my pent-up feelings and emotions-
and that was when I realized the same was being felt in every country, across every ocean.
I, like the crew of Serenity, aim to misbehave:
I, like millions of other Browncoats, will continue broadcasting Firefly and Serenity’s wave;
I will watch, love, and cherish, every minute, of every episode, and of every character;
I will forever smile, be touched, be moved, and be overcome with fits of joy and laughter;
I will see to it that Serenity and Firefly’s luminosity will never diminish, or become dull-
nor will it ever, because the truth is: you can never stop the signal.

The 21st Century is an amazing and hopeful time to be alive;
a time when biology and technology grow, coexist, merge, and thrive!
The 21st Century is a time in which machines are our best friend;
our electronic twin; that which we love, talk to, think about, and depend.
The 21st Century is a time when we can’t imagine ourselves without a mobile phone;
without an iPod; a computer; without a Twitter or Facebook profile to call our own.
The 21st Century is a time when any one of us can literally talk to the entire planet;
a time when each one of us can leave our electronic fingerprint for all to see it.
The 21st Century is a time when fascination, inspiration, revelation, is an invitation;
a time when we can see, share, feel and create connections that have no expiration.
The 21st Century is the time when humanity reaches out and grasps the hand of technology,
when we make a promise of artificial inheritance, and write a everlasting mythology.
The 21st Century is a time when technology and biology set forth on a mutual endeavour;
the 21st Century: a time to which both machine and mankind will remember forever.

Guitar pick poised; baton raised;
recalling that first note and how it is phrased.
A moment when the real world stops and turns into ‘Wonderland’,
as if you are standing in a desert being consumed by quicksand:
that moment when you, your art, your passion, your love,
become like the hand that perfectly fits the glove;
that moment when you- the maestro, the architect, the creator, the inventor-
become a god, a master, a hopeful machine of a world with you at the centre.
You are the DJ; you are the conductor;
you are the one that everyone has been waiting for.

In the beginning you create the rules, and tease what is yet to come;
and while you have your orchestra and audiences undivided attention,
you take them back in time with you to the dawn of your awakening-
that time when the world was new, and you didn’t want to miss a thing.
But then you stop, then you face them, then you convey to them the truth:
you tell them what happened when you put the last card on your house of cards’ roof.
You resight; you reinvite; you rebuild, as if you were rebuilding the entire world-
you remind them that there is always hope, even after your reality has been unfurled.
You take them on a journey with you that seems to have no end:
a journey where you can be who you are, and you no longer have to pretend.

However, when the end does come, it is over before you know it-
the people who were so engrossed in you have returned to their lives and split.
Where do you go when your orchestra, band, audience, and fan’s leave:
back to your own words, music; book cover, or album sleeve?
Or, do you go back to where it all started;
back to where inspiration first imparted;
back to the beginning; back to the big bang:
back to the moment when you first played, loved, wrote, and sang.

Everyone sees the world that little bit differently;
everyone chooses a direction in life to focus on more intently;
everyone looks to the early morning sky and sees a sunrise;
I, however, always look beyond to that which cannot be seen with mortal eyes.
The Sun. A star. A shining pin-prick of light in an alien constellation;
the bestower of light, heat, energy; and the protagonist in life’s creation.
A god. A judge. The literal light by which we all follow;
sometimes the antagonist of our stories, the reason for our sorrow.
I’ve never seen a sunrise, at least not in the way you see them:
I close my eyes; I rise; the weight of the world- you and I lighten;
I feel the vibration of the universe; I hear the notes of the music of the spheres-
like a bedtime story repeating over and over that no one chooses to hear.
I can see through time, realize, understand, experience, and immerse-
through the prism of the life, I can see the beauty of The Big Bang and The Universe;
I can understand the reason things happen, and why things are the way they are;
I can feel the energy that connects all life, planet, galaxy, and star.
There is so much to life that we simply choose to not see:
there is so much to our own self that is waiting to be unlocked by us, and our key.
The next time you choose to start your day by greeting the creator of us all-
close your eyes, open your mind- see, hear, feel, and recall.




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