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From door to door, on moon-lit night,
pilgrims of every age, and of every height,
embark upon a mission of masquerade
on a hallowed October evening
at the time of autumnal twilight.
What gifts will they receive,
and who will they meet,
on this annual, but one night only,
quest for trick, or treat.

The faces that can be seen from left to right
range from those that will make you laugh out-loud at the sight,
to those that never fail to shock you and imbue you with fright.
From vampires, werewolves, and witches,
to zombies, Frankenstein Monsters,
and plain old white-sheet ghosts and ghouls;
from superheroes, to Jedi knights,
to cardboard robots made at home with the help of parents;
or a costume made by a child on the day before at school-
Halloween is a day and a night of fantasy, frivolity, confectioneries, and fun;
today Halloween is a joyous holiday for all
and a welcome occasion to be someone else, even if only for a night,
and to do something that you have never done.

From ghost stories, to haunted houses, and Halloween parties;
from carved pumpkins, to illuminated Jack-o’-lanterns of every design
on countless doorsteps-
the wonders of peoples imagination are in full-display
in infinite forms, colours, and depths.
What I think people love about Halloween is the freedom of identity
that it allows, invites, beckons for, and asks-
an excuse to display your inhibitions on the outside,
while still remaining the same person behind the eyes of masks.

Happy Halloween


The mystery box of my life
would contain everything of magic on Earth that means something to me;
even if it were only a memento,
I feel confident that even the smallest of hints as to why I love them,
and why they inspire and mean so much to me,
would tell you everything about them, and me-
while still preserving a sense of mystery.

The first thing in my mystery box,
and the most important thing in my life, is my family:
my Mum, my Dad, my little sister Clare;
because they are why I am, who I am-
the structure and the foundation of me and my identity.

If I had a mystery box,
the next thing that I would place within would be my poetry,
my inspiration, my muse, every poem that I have ever written,
and every poem I will ever write:
a picture of my muse, smiling the most beautiful smile in all of creation,
with eyes as amazing as diamonds sparkling infinitely
a flash of unbelievable light.

Inside my mystery box
I would put in something that reminds me,
and the thing above all else that I cherish
more than anything about my friends:
their songs, their journey’s, their friendship, their stories-
everything that makes me smile whenever I think of them,
and the times we had together that felt like they would
never come to an end.

If I could put only one more thing in my mystery box,
no matter the size, what would it be?
The only thing in my life that is ever-present,
but always remains unseen;
a secret that no one on Earth, nor I, know about me;
an answer to a question, posed long ago;
the most simple, and yet the most complicated question ever spoken:
Why was I born? Why did I live?
Why did I do what I did? Why do I have to die?
And the answer to be found within the mystery box would be:
that is why.

Everyone has their own mystery box;
everyone holds onto and holds dear
things about them that define their place in the world,
that ground their feet firmly to our planet of simplicity,
complexity, and infinite possibility-
everyone is a box of impossible to define dimensions of memory,
space, and time-
everyone is a mystery.


Constantly orbiting and always silently traversing
the gravity family of our solar system
the centaurs of the sky are on a journey;
seeds of life and change that have existed unchanged and undisturbed
since the beginning of coalescence in this part of the galaxy-
bringers of awe and inspiration;
but also the omen of chaos, the instigators of fury.

These Trojans of the night race through the planet-scape of our solar system-
checked, but largely unabated;
until the touch of the Sun-
Earths life-giving, sustaining, always present parent-
brings back to light the icy wake of this space traveller;
something it has long awaited.

Everyone on Earth is like the sun, the planets,
the asteroids, and the comets, of their own solar system:
constantly orbiting, affecting, radiating,
and turning on the tilt of their own axis’,
largely unaware that they are part of a greater,
more far-reaching, web of possibility
that has no knowledge, but a promise of what it could become.

Just like a comet, in life, people orbit, interact,
but often pass-by each other silently,
without any deviation to their path, or arc;
however, everyday, just like a comet,
they pass too-closely to another with greater gravity,
energy, and luminescence,
and from then-on they are in their orbit,
and are able to shine and share who they are at their core-
a phoenix in the dark.


Sunlight streams in through my bedroom window,
the sky above is the colour of a new-born baby’s eyes,
there is a kinetic energy, and yet a stillness, all-around-
as a new day begins, with mercury on the rise.

Outside, in the warmth of the morning,
the smell of freshly mowed grass pervades through the air-
exciting every one of my senses, invigorating my perception,
and standing on-end every hair.

I adore the first thoughts that dawn on me,
I cannot wait to imagine, and dream about the events of the day
that have yet to take place-
I have never been able to restrain myself
from waking up before everyone else around me,
embracing the present, and what is yet to come,
and rejoining in all that connects and aligns
the chase of light that is the human race.

Everyone whom I have ever met, and everyone who I meet,
intrigue me, amuse me, inspire, and amaze me-
all for many different reasons,
and all in ways that I wish I could share in all their glory
and allow others to feel them as I do,
like they feel the midday heat.

I love seeing the fusion of two friends
who not only enjoy the company of one another,
but who wake up everyday thinking about their coupling-
husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends,
best friends, close friends- sole-mates,
who have the world when they have each other,
who share a gift between them more precious
than the feather from an Angels wing.

I love seeing the coming together of families,
especially on an autumn Indian Summers Day like today-
their is just something special about an amazing,
blue-sky blessed, beautiful, sun-soaked,
laughter-filled, memory-making, enriching day-
when life, love, and nature, bond and are in full-display.

Whether it be the sight of the shimmering starlight of our sun
as seen from the ocean floor of the Mediterranean,
or the feeling of sharing a perfect moment in time
in the cool water of a fountain-
these are moments that can never be remade, rehearsed,
moments to be reminded of always, but never unduly-
moments of importance and meaning that are always heralded by
the rise of mercury.





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