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I rise above the sky,
looking down at you from space-
removing myself from paradise
was the only way that I could think of,
and this hostile and inhospitable void
seemed like the perfect place-
to see you so close, and now so far away;
to see the tears falling from your eyes,
and now to see you motionless, isolated, and astray.

Reality is much more complicated than fantasy-
fantasy rarely strays from a single thought;
while reality veers, and turns, and reshapes, and returns,
what has been wrought.
Sometimes that can be fun and refreshing,
but most of the time, when actuality catches up with practicality,
it is often confusing, crushing, and heart-breaking.
There are some things in life that can never live up to your expectations
or your wildest imaginations,
there are things that may seem dull and mundane in the rain;
however, I have always thought of expectations as a guide,
but not a blueprint of your heart,
and that clouds and storms are momentary creations
that can’t be sustained.

From space, Earth is a breath-taking, blue, crystal ball,
beacon of wonder, and of indescribable beauty;
but below the clouds,
disputes and resentments are being played-out,
and crimes are being committed
that should ask of us all to question each others morality.

Divide, be different, and distinguish yourself from others,
is an instinctual genetic message left to us in our DNA
from our learned ancient cousins-
but does that mean that one day we will all be so remote from each other
that we no longer want to embrace the differences between us,
or even want to talk?
I still have hope for us all, and for our planet;
but I guess you start to question everything you have ever known
when you go for a space-walk.


From door to door, on moon-lit night,
pilgrims of every age, and of every height,
embark upon a mission of masquerade
on a hallowed October evening
at the time of autumnal twilight.
What gifts will they receive,
and who will they meet,
on this annual, but one night only,
quest for trick, or treat.

The faces that can be seen from left to right
range from those that will make you laugh out-loud at the sight,
to those that never fail to shock you and imbue you with fright.
From vampires, werewolves, and witches,
to zombies, Frankenstein Monsters,
and plain old white-sheet ghosts and ghouls;
from superheroes, to Jedi knights,
to cardboard robots made at home with the help of parents;
or a costume made by a child on the day before at school-
Halloween is a day and a night of fantasy, frivolity, confectioneries, and fun;
today Halloween is a joyous holiday for all
and a welcome occasion to be someone else, even if only for a night,
and to do something that you have never done.

From ghost stories, to haunted houses, and Halloween parties;
from carved pumpkins, to illuminated Jack-o’-lanterns of every design
on countless doorsteps-
the wonders of peoples imagination are in full-display
in infinite forms, colours, and depths.
What I think people love about Halloween is the freedom of identity
that it allows, invites, beckons for, and asks-
an excuse to display your inhibitions on the outside,
while still remaining the same person behind the eyes of masks.

Happy Halloween



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