The beautiful Light within Luciana Carro is a perfect symmetry,
a golden and timeless Light that radiates so brilliantly!
The energy of a billion sun’s shines through her eyes,
like the spectacular and mezmerising Aurora Borealis of the northern skies,
when people see Luciana they are instantly and inextricably marvelled-
so much so that people often become bewitched and ensorcelled
by her beauty, her inspiration, her graceful and intoxicating spell,
her amazing talent, with which, in my eyes, she most definitely excel’s!
The Light of Luciana places her on another level
a level on which her family, friends, and fans, will forever revel!
The radiancy of Luciana’s joyfulness enshrouds all who know her,
all who love her, who admire her, and whose attention will never leave her.
Luciana’s beautiful and eternal Light will shine forever and never fade away;
and I hope she is infinitely blessed, as she illuminates the world every single day!