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Christmas Day is the pinnacle of my year;
Christmas Day is the day when I give gifts of my affection and love
to my family and friends-
something that I try to do every day of the year;
however, Christmas Day is special, Christmas Day is the day
when I get the opportunity to look my family in the eye
and give them all my time, attention,
and see their faces light-up
when they see the thought that I have taken in my preparation-
and the greatest gift that they could give me in return
is the overwhelming feeling of belonging, meaning, and love-
that is what drowns me in the atmosphere of the day,
that is what brings me to tears.

I am fortunate to have, to know,
and to appreciate, what I have in my life.
I have not always fully-understood
why the connections that we make
with a select group of people are so powerful;
but as I get older, and the more that I see of the world,
and the more that I understand our universe’s inner-workings,
the reality of truth that rules everything
cuts through the banality of our false-inventions like a knife.

Family is so much more than blood;
identity is so much more than a name;
our words and our intentions can sometimes be misunderstood,
but if something and someone means something to us
you have to share and express why-
it is not always an instant revelation,
most of the time it builds-up within us
until it is the right time for it to be expressed,
for reasons that we can’t always explain.

There are communities that live in parts of the world
in which their inter-dependency on each-other is their world,
it is all that matters to them:
families who have the respect, the strength,
and a connection to one-another-
and that to them is more than enough;
and I envy them, because every one of them knows the truth,
because, for them, life is about embracing what you have,
embracing every opportunity;
life is about what sustains and remains after we are all gone-
not the throw-away, trivial, material, stuff.

So, at Christmas dinner with my family, on a cold 25th of December,
as I enjoy the food, the company, the gifts that I have been blessed with-
and as I bask in the glow of the day
embodied in the dancing flames of the fire and in its embers-
I will take-in every moment with my eyes, my nose,
my finger-tips, and with my ears;
I will raise-up my glass in cheer
thinking about everyone who means something to me, and why;
and to everyone, everywhere, I will wish a very Merry Christmas,
and an amazing, and a Happy New Year!


The 29th of February is one of the most amazing days on the calender,
because it is an anomaly;
it is not a day that happens every year, like your birthday-
and that is why I think people, and couples, choose to seize the day,
to propose to each other, and to make resolutions,
as if it were Valentines, or New Years Day.
It is a day that keeps in balance every other day of the decade-
the day that was, but wasn’t;
four years in the making, and in the waiting-
a day that will never fade.

If you are born on the 29th of February,
then I guess that you will be forever young?
However, thinking about it:
if you only have a birthday every four years,
you may be un-aging, or aging slowly in years,
ever the while you are climbing the ladder of life,
and most likely feeling the rise of every rung.

The 29th of February, or “Leap Day”,
is the most perfect day to start something new-
a new relationship, a new attitude-
the most perfect day to do something for everyone, or just for you.

To some people, the 29th of February is just a normal day-
a day in which they may have to wait an extra day before they are paid;
but to some, the 29th of February is, and will always be,
the greatest, and the best, of all the other days-
a day when they will walk out their door with no expectations,
but with anticipation to see how it plays.

Happy Leap Day! Happy Leap Year!
What you do today matters, so make the most of it-
take a leap, keep going until there is nothing in your way.
Today is always the most important,
so live every minute, every hour,
as if they were forever in a day.

Oxygen, air;
the invisible life-energy that fuels our heart, lungs, and mind-
the most precious prerequisite for all intelligent life on Earth
is a true gift of our planet that should never be undermined.

Oceans, the seas;
the vast cauldron and continuum of life from whence we all came-
that which nourishes and sustains our very way of living,
connects us all- every race, every species-
a universe in-and-of itself
that no one can hold mastery of, or claim.

Oil, petroleum;
the literal fuel that drives the wheels
and the majority of the machinery of the modern-age-
our slowly-but-surely vanishing acquaintance
that has assisted in delivering us all to where we are now-
the most important crutch
that humanity has to rid itself of,
or expose all life to a potentially world-withering phage.

Optimism, opportunity, offspring;
the most important life-changing necessities
that all conscious cousins of Earth
are endowed with the power to propel to there potential,
and to nurture-
the DNA of our past, the cement of our present,
the offspring to our worlds future.

Our contribution to the world may be limited, and small,
when compared to the entirety and the complexity of life’s,
the worlds, the universe’, tapestry, and story-
however, I belief we all have our part to play
and our place to be in the orbiting orchestral opera
of the “O” factory.

If there is one unwritten rule, if there is one constant in the universe,
it would have to be that the momentum of time, and life, never runs in reverse.
Things change; people move on; relationships grow, flourish; and sometimes fade;
and a heart once scarred, and a trust once broken, can never be remade.
Sometimes we all feel like we are ‘Indiana Jones’, trying to out-run a boulder;
and sometimes we feel as if we don’t fit into our own skin, until we are that much older.
‘Change’ can be a scary word for some, because it means that they must grow;
change can be something to run away from, because you just don’t want to let go.
Change is a transition, and what will come to pass next cannot always be predicted;
however, I believe that change is an ethos to life that should never be contradicted.
Change can be an opportunity, a revelation, a truly life-changing invitation,
a gleaming vessel to a new world just waiting for your embarkation.
Change is not always easy, change can sometimes be hard, painful and unwelcome;
but, sometimes, change is what you need- something that may never be outdone.



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