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This is an ode to my favourite colour,
this is an ode to the colour blue-
blue has been my favourite colour since I was a kid,
from baby, to navy, to Royal, to sky-
I love every variant, every form, every shade, every hue.
To me blue is the most magical, the most brilliant,
the most profound colour of the spectrum-
to me blue is the most significant, the most eye-catching,
the most special, the most fun.

Maybe it happened the day I was born,
the second that I looked into my Dad’s mesmerizing blue eyes;
maybe it happened the day I was given my first bike;
or the first time I witnessed night become day
with the explosion of colour and light
that came with the gift of seeing my first sunrise.

Blue is not for everybody;
every person has their own unique tastes,
and preferences that colour their lives-
from the style of their hair, to the colour of their shoe;
but for me, the colour for all seasons,
the spectral zest of my interest,
will always be the colour blue.




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