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The World doesn’t end below your feet;
the sky continues beyond the horizon;
everything you can imagine is happening on every street;
the Earth is taking you for a thousand mile an hour spin,
while gravity saves you every second from having to hang-on.

Below the surface, a four billion year-old system is alive,
active, and is adhering, unhampered,
to a universal law of self-preservation-
one that it passed on to the offspring of its spawn-
namely to humanity, however it is known sub-consciously
to all forms of life, in a million incarnations.

Below the ground, our sphere is fractured,
and is always on the move-
at its core it is steady, energetic,
in the best centuries of its life;
while closer to its fragile shell,
it is constantly colliding with itself,
changing shape, and forming new islands and grooves.

Below the snow, below the ash,
below the skin of Earths vast network of interconnection,
and its gift of breathable gas,
the planet that is our home, and upon which we all live,
is the rock-star of its own concert-
and unlike its loyal and life-long fans,
it does nothing but give.

For every second that you look up at the sky,
breathe in deep, and feel energized by the rays of the suns heat-
look down once in a while at the ground,
feel the vibration and the rhythm of Earths pulse,
and feel love in your heart for what lies below your feet.


This is an ode to my favourite colour,
this is an ode to the colour blue-
blue has been my favourite colour since I was a kid,
from baby, to navy, to Royal, to sky-
I love every variant, every form, every shade, every hue.
To me blue is the most magical, the most brilliant,
the most profound colour of the spectrum-
to me blue is the most significant, the most eye-catching,
the most special, the most fun.

Maybe it happened the day I was born,
the second that I looked into my Dad’s mesmerizing blue eyes;
maybe it happened the day I was given my first bike;
or the first time I witnessed night become day
with the explosion of colour and light
that came with the gift of seeing my first sunrise.

Blue is not for everybody;
every person has their own unique tastes,
and preferences that colour their lives-
from the style of their hair, to the colour of their shoe;
but for me, the colour for all seasons,
the spectral zest of my interest,
will always be the colour blue.




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