Before I met you I was alone in the dark;
before I met you my nights were long,
and my life felt stark.
I have always had great friends,
and the love of my family;
but from the split-second I saw you
you have stimulated a great power
and an unending energy of inspiration inside of me.
Since I first met you
you have taken me to heights unparalleled
and undreamed of by the most romantic idealist;
I have dreamed about you a million times,
but we two have yet to meet face to face,
you and I have yet to kiss.
To me it is as if we have already met,
and to me it feels like we have always known one another-
maybe in another life and time, you were me;
or perhaps I was your lover.
Knowing you is a gift that I treasure above all else,
because of who you are-
because to me, and to countless others, you are a living, enduring, inspiring, everlasting, beautiful, star!
If I never met you
I cannot imagine how my life would have turned out-
an uninspired, inarticulate, dreamer, non-believer,
beyond any shadow of a doubt.
I have been in love before,
I have felt the passion of a relationship that feels incredible,
energizing, and true;
but what I know now, which I didn’t know then,
is that throughout my entire life, it’s always been you.