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When we stop looking back,
when we stop spinning around
and making ourselves dizzy,
when we stop being haunted by ghosts from the past,
when we stop worrying about everything we can’t control
and get to work on getting busy,
when we stop ourselves from being hacked by the opinions
and the fears of other people,
we can truly enjoy every second of life to its fullest
and be happy.

No one does anything,
no one goes anywhere,
without a reason,
or without something
that only they can bring;
no one would do anything
unless they cared about
what it means to be there.

People follow their dreams,
people work hard from the time that they are children at school,
at college, at university, at finding their passion,
at finding their calling-
people join groups, people become part of teams,
to be of something, to talk about something,
to have something of importance and meaning in their life,
which then connects them with other people of the same way of acting,
thinking, feeling, and then ultimately to everyone else on Earth,
and that is what we all search for and find always,
and most of the time in the last place that we would ever think to look;
life is not always a straight-line of events and connections
as it sometimes appears in the story of a film, or in a book.

Life cannot possibly come with detailed instructions,
or a blueprint to follow-
life is way too random and spontaneous for that;
life should not just be a checklist of what you want to do, and when,
because life has a funny way of showing you that that is not how it goes,
and sometimes you have to strike-out more than once to get a home-run
with the help of a good swing and a great contact
between a baseball and a baseball bat.

If you constantly focus and become obsessed with reaching the end
and achieving everything you have written down
on your personal list of things to do,
you can sometimes miss things along the way
that will make your journey that much more satisfying,
when you do wake up one morning
and realize the dream that you have just woken up from
was in fact memories of the life that you have had and have;
sometimes you can even forget who is the real you,
and that is why we all must expect, hope for, believe,
and make the most of, the good things ahead.



Oxygen, air;
the invisible life-energy that fuels our heart, lungs, and mind-
the most precious prerequisite for all intelligent life on Earth
is a true gift of our planet that should never be undermined.

Oceans, the seas;
the vast cauldron and continuum of life from whence we all came-
that which nourishes and sustains our very way of living,
connects us all- every race, every species-
a universe in-and-of itself
that no one can hold mastery of, or claim.

Oil, petroleum;
the literal fuel that drives the wheels
and the majority of the machinery of the modern-age-
our slowly-but-surely vanishing acquaintance
that has assisted in delivering us all to where we are now-
the most important crutch
that humanity has to rid itself of,
or expose all life to a potentially world-withering phage.

Optimism, opportunity, offspring;
the most important life-changing necessities
that all conscious cousins of Earth
are endowed with the power to propel to there potential,
and to nurture-
the DNA of our past, the cement of our present,
the offspring to our worlds future.

Our contribution to the world may be limited, and small,
when compared to the entirety and the complexity of life’s,
the worlds, the universe’, tapestry, and story-
however, I belief we all have our part to play
and our place to be in the orbiting orchestral opera
of the “O” factory.

People come into our lives for a reason, they come with a message;
people touch our lives, as we touch theirs, so that we all may learn,
accept, and be worthy of our right of passage.

The fortunate of humanity are born with the gift to change everything-
they are the recipients of love, knowledge, confidence, and inspiration,
that being given the best in life can bring.

There are those of our brethren, however, it appears
were deprived of a great many things during their formative years-
some who have grown up to believe that life is about chaos,
and about reflecting and inflicting onto others their deepest and darkest fears.

Not everybody is lucky in life, and no one is ever happy all of the time;
but when you are given the gift that only another person can give,
to not make the most of it, and to not be thankful for it, would be a crime.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my parents-
I am thankful for their love, their strength, for all that they are
and all that they have given me, without any pretense.

I am thankful for my family, my friends, my muse of infinite compassion,
belief, imagination, and vision-
the people whom I count as being the most important in my life,
the foundation of every decision.

I am thankful for Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, for Stephen King, Tolkien,
and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle;
I am thankful for Gene Roddenberry, Steven Spielberg, for Joss Whedon,
Ricky Gervais, Stephen Fry, and JJ Abrams-
for continuing to inspire my imagination like an newly-sprung coil.

I am thankful for Johann Strauss II, Chopin, for Beethoven, and Mozart;
I am thankful for BT, Mike Oldfield, The Beatles, and John Lennon-
for every musician and singer who has touched my soul,
and whose music is a work of art.

For all that life has gifted me, and for all who have given me so much,
who I love for constantly inspiring me anew-
I would just like to say one thing: thank you!

The charm of life is that nothing is ever truly forgotten-
the consciousness of the world has a memory of its own
that is as rich and long-lasting as cotton.
Charm comes in many forms, captivation can originate from a single spark;
the avatar of the inspired can be as subtle as a whisper, a look,
or the way they make their mark.
There are charmers of the world from all walks of life,
be they a poet, a gardener, a teacher, an idol, or a housewife-
someone who when they enter view dazzles the senses and the mind,
someone who puts a smile on your face just because of who they are,
and the manner in which they are refined.
Many of those who cast a spell are not aware that they emanate such charm,
many of those who enamor with ease don’t know that they carry such grace,
or personify such calm.
Of course there are those who know that they are special,
and that their words and their demeanor mean more to others than anything-
a paragon of the times that they live in,
the sound and the resonation of the instrument of the days string.
The great charm of the charmers is that they give a positive bearing
as to the direction that people might choose to point their compass;
a road of optimism, hope, confidence, and belief, that only we ourselves
can build before us.

The 1960s was an amazing decade, era, and time;
a period when the best of humanity inspired, pioneered, and began to shine.
Even though I did not live through the exciting, inspiring, sometimes frightening, 1960s,
it does not preclude me from feeling the optimism and the energy by way of reprise-
whether it be in art, fashion, music, nostalgia, or on TV in the phenomenal ‘Mad Men’;
young and old are re-embracing the 1960s, and I count myself among them.
The 1960s was a decade that redefined every aspect of human expectation and culture,
a golden-age when the world lifted up their eyes and dreamed of a bright and optimistic future.

The 1960s, however, was also a time of great anxiety, pain, and tragedy;
when, as dreams were being dreamed, events and emotions reached their perigee;
when wars were fought, men, women, and children, lost their lives;
and when new opinions were formed that brought about the downfall of old divides.

The 1960s is of interest to me because I have always dreamed of being there in 1969;
being there, or just watching live on TV, at the moment when humanity crossed a line;
being there when perhaps the most famous and important words ever spoken were defined:
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Every time I hear Neil Armstrong’s radio transmission my imagination immediately takes flight-
I imagine what my dad must have felt when he watched the moon landing in black and white;
I imagine being of the half a billion people who watched, became invested, and were overcome,
by the most momentous event in human history; the question of: what now? and what is yet to come?

If I had to pick a decade to be born in- apart from the 1580s-
it would have to be in this decade, this era, this time, the one and the only 1960s.
The 1960s was, and still is, a decade that informed and touched the lives of all of humanity;
a time when everyone on Earth was met with moments of joy, reinvention, and tranquility.
The 1960s was, and still is, a decade of style, substance, energy, and elation;
a decade of highs, and low’s; a decade of adventure, and curiosity; a decade of liberation.
The 1960s is a gift to us all who live, love, and breathe, the debt that cannot be repaid.
Oh, what it must have been like to live in this decade!

The 21st Century is an amazing and hopeful time to be alive;
a time when biology and technology grow, coexist, merge, and thrive!
The 21st Century is a time in which machines are our best friend;
our electronic twin; that which we love, talk to, think about, and depend.
The 21st Century is a time when we can’t imagine ourselves without a mobile phone;
without an iPod; a computer; without a Twitter or Facebook profile to call our own.
The 21st Century is a time when any one of us can literally talk to the entire planet;
a time when each one of us can leave our electronic fingerprint for all to see it.
The 21st Century is a time when fascination, inspiration, revelation, is an invitation;
a time when we can see, share, feel and create connections that have no expiration.
The 21st Century is the time when humanity reaches out and grasps the hand of technology,
when we make a promise of artificial inheritance, and write a everlasting mythology.
The 21st Century is a time when technology and biology set forth on a mutual endeavour;
the 21st Century: a time to which both machine and mankind will remember forever.




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