A cool breeze on a warm mid-summer evening-
the air is golden, the sky is blue,
and the birds continue to sing.
The world is still, or so it would seem-
there is a sweet smell in the air,
as the day comes to an end with sparkling sunlight on glass,
as the windowpane’s continue to gleam.
Is there no more perfect day than today?
Is there no more perfect moment than right now?
Because at this moment I feel at peace,
energized, in my element-
as I wipe the sweat from my brow.
The time seems to last forever, the moment feels timeless-
right now, on this gorgeous June evening,
I don’t think anything can surpass this.
I am content, I am in heaven-
it is nearly nine o’clock at night,
but it feels as if it were not yet seven!
I imagine that everyone else is sharing this with me,
that the entire world feels this joy-
I imagine that everyone has joined together at this moment
to create something that no one can ever destroy.
This evening is perfection-
I am filled with hope and love,
as I see in a neigbouring garden that their poppies are in bloom-
what moment could be better than this beautiful evening,
on this flaming june!