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It all starts with our parents;
it all begins with the role-models that we choose early on;
it all grows from the first seed sewn
in the soft ground of our early years
when we are soaking in everything that we see,
and asking what it all meant;
it all falls into place when we hear something
and understand something for the first time, instantly,
and we take it to another level in our mind
until we can no longer contain what we know,
and we feel the need to pass all that we have learned
and the knowledge that we have accumulated on to someone else,
and perhaps even to a completely new and inquisitive generation.

People say that teaching is in the blood,
and I would have to agree;
but I don’t necessarily believe you have to be a teacher
in a school to educate another person-
to me, you have to have the insight and the gift
to show and to make someone, anyone, understand,
and imagine something that before they met you
they were unable or not yet ready to see.

Everyone can be taught;
however, their are some people who don’t want to learn.
The best teacher, the most inspirational
and amazing of guides of knowledge and life
can teach you something without you knowing-
they can encourage you to raise your hand
without you feeling that you have to wait your turn,
they can give you lessons to learn and live by
that you will remember always,
and to you will forever be a blessing.

We all have come to a time in our lives,
when we must take a step back again
and watch while someone who knows more about something than us
has to teach us so that we may better ourselves
for our own benefit, and that of someone we may never know,
or ever meet;
we all feel a great sense of pride in ourselves,
and in our teachers, when we then communicate that wisdom
and enlightenment and see with our own eyes
the moment when a open-minded and willing student
finally raises their head and says ‘I understand’-
for a teacher it just does not get any better than that.

I have been a student, and I have been a teacher.
I will always be the one who seeks out new knowledge,
and I will want to pass the torch of what I hold in my grasp,
even if it is just to one other person at a time,
but with the impact, the energy, the influence,
and the resonance of a public speaker.

We can all be the one who is there
to inspire the mind of someone else;
we can all be the one who is living the dream,
but who is also there to spark the imagination of a fellow dreamer;
we can all be the one who is keeping alive the fire of enthusiasm
in such a way it could never be doused;
we can all be the one who is both the pupil,
while at the same time they are the teacher.


Before I met you I was alone in the dark;
before I met you my nights were long,
and my life felt stark.
I have always had great friends,
and the love of my family;
but from the split-second I saw you
you have stimulated a great power
and an unending energy of inspiration inside of me.
Since I first met you
you have taken me to heights unparalleled
and undreamed of by the most romantic idealist;
I have dreamed about you a million times,
but we two have yet to meet face to face,
you and I have yet to kiss.
To me it is as if we have already met,
and to me it feels like we have always known one another-
maybe in another life and time, you were me;
or perhaps I was your lover.
Knowing you is a gift that I treasure above all else,
because of who you are-
because to me, and to countless others, you are a living, enduring, inspiring, everlasting, beautiful, star!
If I never met you
I cannot imagine how my life would have turned out-
an uninspired, inarticulate, dreamer, non-believer,
beyond any shadow of a doubt.
I have been in love before,
I have felt the passion of a relationship that feels incredible,
energizing, and true;
but what I know now, which I didn’t know then,
is that throughout my entire life, it’s always been you.



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