There is nothing else on Earth as unique,
as that of hearing someone’s voice when they speak.
The tone and the resonance of someone in particular
can be intoxicating to the mind of an individual listener.
A single voice can bring you to your knees,
especially if using their voice is their expertise.
A person whose range out-strips that of another
can stop you in your tracks and make you shudder.
There are some people that instantly make you weak
when you hear them sing and they astound you with their technique.
Not every voice is meant to be that of a tenor or a soprano,
not every voice can belong to that of an operatic virtuoso;
however, some don’t need to have such power in their voice
to have an effect on another which is not of their choice.
To me there is only one voice that instantly comes to mind,
and every time I hear her voice I become resigned
to hear no other who sounds as perfect as she does,
because there is no other voice that can give me the same buzz.

Vox populi, vox universum