As I look into eternity I dream of what is out there,
I imagine every possibility as I lift up my eyes to the heavens and begin to stare.
My eyes are met by shining pin-pricks of light,
but when I look at them what I really see lies just out of sight.
To me the stars above are an insatiable invitation,
one delivered unto the entire human race to spark their imagination.
To me the universe has always represented the search for the unknown,
but also that their is so much more to life than what we are shown.
The search for truth, and the living-out of a dream,
to me is first dependent on seeing things that cannot ordinarily be seen.
Mystery has always been the catalyst for incredible leaps in a civilization:
be they of faith, hope, or simply that of coming to a realization.
I’m sure the night sky was the first mystery that anyone ever contemplated:
be that, why the moon didn’t just fall, or how the light from the stars was generated.
They say that when we look up at the sky we invariably see ourselves reflected in it,
we see the choices we’ve made and what repurcussions those choices permit.
When I look into the heavens I see hope reflected back;
something intangible that no one can take away and no one can ever attack;
something inside that will live on even after I’ve taken my last breath;
something that will be defined forever as my very own shibboleth.