Layer, upon Layer, upon Layer, upon Layer-
like the spiral grooves of a vinyl album playing on a record player,
reality is usually never as it first appears;
within every moment of laughter, beauty, and tears,
exists a multitude of emotions, feelings, and memories,
messages, relationships, and unseen commonalities.

Superficial differences are like the surface of an ocean-
one that belies stillness, while deep down everything is in motion.
Below a water line can lie a world of great wonder’s;
just as within someone quiet can rest a voice that thunders.
Everyone has an internal voice that at first cannot be heard,
one that speaks to us all the time when we’re in search for a particular word;
or when we are at loggerhead as to which path we should choose;
the head or tails of a coin toss about whether we win, or whether we lose.
If we’re fortunate, however, our internal voice can become a song,
a poem, a story, or an unspoken feeling that we truly belong.

William Shakespeare once wrote: “What’s in a name?”
The answer to a mystery? The solution to a game?
Our name is the layer we use to proclaim our identity;
our face is the layer in which we convey an air of serenity.
The layers of our essence are like a Matryoshka set;
however, it is only in our dreams that we truly connect;
to truly converge our mind, body, and soul;
and see the layers all around us, and become one with the whole.

praeter opportunus lumen