More Bottles is what it’s all about,
going beyond the card’s that you have been dealt;
taking a risk when the consequences are uncertain,
looking to the future and daring to peak behind the curtain.

More Bottles arrive one after the other,
each and every one just as special as a lover-
inspiring me with their voice, music, and vibe-
the very embodiment of what it means to be truly alive.

More Bottles, bigger dreams;
just like sunlight on glass when it gleams,
for a moment seemingly one and the same,
an energy that you can feel, but not touch; can see, but can’t tame.

More Bottles, more possibilities-
realizing that there is no limit to your capabilities;
that you can be something more: warrior, believer, apostle-
pioneer of a new movement, just as long as you have More Bottles.

novus visum