Life itself is a gift to be cherished above all;
but to me the ability to give, to captivate, and to enthrall,
is a gift that transcend’s time and distance,
country’s, nationalities, or even language difference.

Music has always been the universal conduit
for a singer or a musician to converse and transmit
what may only be a fraction of what they really want to say;
but music, or poetry, is the only way they know how to convey
the feeling’s and meaning of their hearts desire:
an expression of their spirit that they hope will never expire.

Be it a painting, a poem, a rhyme, or a song,
a landscape, a verse, or a tune that is ten minutes long;
the gift of a truly great work of art-
music, poetry; basic, or avant-garde-
is the gift of being one of a kind; yet timeless;
to be simple; boundless, borderless, and yet limitless.

The gift of imagining, generating, and of sharing with one and all,
is a gift that should be held up high and tall
by all that are blessed with the gift to bestow,
to take someone to a place that they never thought they would ever can go.
To be able to share a part of yourself, a product of your imagining,
is one of the greatest gift’s of all- and in my opinion, one truly worth admiring.