Standing on the sandy beach of an unfamiliar shore,
as I look out to a sea that I have never laid eyes on before,
I look around me, and out to the horizon beyond
to attempt to identify where my mind had chosen for me to abscond.
I was only this evening day dreaming about a place like this:
a beautiful beach, a twilight hour, a moment of overwhelming happiness,
but that was just a fantasy, an illusion, a made-up facade;
however, right now it feels more like I am standing in a holiday postcard –
unable to speak, unable to move, and unable to move away
from being witness to the beginning of what appears to be a brand new day.

As I stand and wait for someone to come, or for something to happen;
at that exact moment my attention is instantly drawn to distraction
by the feeling and by the sight of falling rain drops on me and on the ocean,
and, like Shakespeareโ€™s three witches while mixing together their magic potion,
I heard myself say: โ€˜Double, double toil and trouble;
may the Fire soon burn, and the caldron bubble.’
โ€˜Where am I? And what am I doing here?
I am obviously dreaming, but why must I be soaked through and so bereft of cheer?
As I continue to stand unmoving and unhappily in my place
I feel tears start to form and begin to stream down my face,
but what are such worth in comparison to such rain –
an unstoppable force that is able to unknowingly instill in us such pain.
At the very moment, when I think to myself that I cannot stand no more,
the rain decides that right now would be a good time to cease its relentless pour.
As the sky above me clears a faint glimmer of something appears on the horizon,
and that is when a voice whispers to me to wish for something before the coming of the sun.
Although wet through to my feet I smiled to myself none the less,
and at the exact moment my thoughts and my emotions began to convalesce,
and as I began to recite to myself the last word of the last sentence of my wish
the door of creation opened and my words were diminished to amateurish.

As I was bathed in the golden veil of the universe itself,
I instantly felt my legs fail me, and I was unable to catch myself
from falling face-first into the sandy and salt tasting floor below me,
but for the first time since I had arrived here I believed that could finally see
where I was, and why I was here;
and at that moment I looked up at the sun and I was without fear:
I knew what I had to do, and how I was going to do it,
and in that instant I rose to my feet feeling more alive than ever, and with my face brightly lit
I proceeded to walk towards the light and to wade out to sea
not knowing to what end, nor to where what I was looking for would be.

As I walked further out to sea, with the waves now at me chest,
I looked around to the beach that I had just left and I was instantly brought to arrest
by the sight of someone standing on the beach in the exact spot where I had just been
and staring directly at me, and in that moment I realized who it was that I had seen.
As the sea deepened, and the water rose just below my head,
I remembered what the whisper I had heard had told me, and what I had said.
As I again recited my wish in the bathing light of the sun,
I closed my eyes and kept on going all the way to the horizon.

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