People are extraordinary!
People are amazing, hopeful, optimistic, generous, and kind!
People are wonderful, energizing, thoughtful- thinking all the time,
with something and someone always on their mind.

Their are so many inspiring people in this world,
who wake up before the sun, and who are the real first light of the day,
who get out of bed every morning for others before themselves,
and who only wish to give more than they take away.

Parents, carers, doctors, teachers,
who love and live to be there for those that need them,
whose passion for their calling in life
is as awe-inspiring as the Grand Canyon.

Everyday I am taken aback and left stunned
by the actions of others that are solely for the betterment
and the well-being of another person-
giving love, care, attention;
eliciting meaning, strength, reasons to go on;
inspiring with hope and vision.

I have been moved by the courage, the determination,
and the heart of so many people- old and young:
a husband who only wants the best for his adoring wife;
a little boy battling against a brain tumor-
so kind, happy, and so unbelievably strong.

It is only when people pass on
that their true worth becomes their lasting memory-
that is the irony of life: that no matter what you do and why,
in the minds of those you have touched
you will forever live on in an infinite thought
and in an untainted effigy.

People often go out into the daylight
and look around at the world around them,
look inside themselves at their world within,
and ask silently of themselves:
what have they done, and have they done the best for others,
and for their own self, no matter how or where they were born on Earth-
and more often than people would probably want to admit,
the answer would be no, not always;
but that is life, that is humanity, that is our planet-
we are a part of a nexus, in which we all prove our worth.