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Her sparkling eyes dazzle more brilliantly
and twinkle more brightly than the shining stars
I see at night;
her warm and glowing smile radiates more amazingly
and stunningly than the sun that blesses my day;
when she wakes up every morning;
as she opens her eyes and spreads her wings,
she takes off from her slumber
and she just briefly takes flight;
when she yawns and opens her mouth to greet the new light
a slight growl can be heard in her voice to warn any bad spirits
that might want to come her way.

When the golden sunlight first touches her face,
the beat of her butterfly heart intensifies
and thunders silently in her chest;
when the heat of the day is felt by her
on the crown of her mane of hair,
her tiger eyes close and then widen in extreme delight and pleasure;
when she feels the sensation of the cool air of the wind
captivate her and carry her,
her butterfly beauty changes the colour of her skin like a chameleon,
and the whole world can see her mimetic spirit
pulse and vibrate and reflect her inner infinite beauty
outwards in every imaginable colour of the rainbow-
like witnessing a deep and meaningful secret of nature confessed;
when she walks with confidence and with purpose,
the impact and the sound of her inner tigress stride
hypnotizes everyone who sees her,
and sometimes when people see her walk by them
they have to look twice to see whether she actually
walks on two legs or four.

The sky is like the dreams that she plays in daily,
and those that she inspires in the minds of others-
and when people do dream of her, at night or in the day,
they know she is still with them,
because the hopeful symbol of renewal is ever-present,
and because they know that the appearance of the butterfly
that they see is no coincidence or accident-
because the human butterfly that she is is also the one
and the queen of all the beautiful butterflies of nature
that influence and make possible the momentum and the magic of the whole;
as she walks passed other people, and she sees their inner animal guides
and nature walking along side them,
while still being a part of them,
and the instinctual representation of them, to those with the sight,
and as she bows her head to stone statues that welcome her to pass by them
and cross their path, like a Bridge of Lions in sunny St. Augustine in Florida,
she feels her wild beating heart and the blood in her veins surge with energy
and intensity, and make her feel incredible emotion
and an overwhelming connection to all things that walk on the ground,
or those that fly in the air, that she has felt all her life,
and the joy that she feels every time makes her imagination
come alive and race out of control.

She is a butterfly.
She is a tiger.
The world see her in so many ways,
but there are not enough words to ever describe her by.
No one can ever not be touched and effected by her.
She is a tiger butterfly.
She is a butterfly tiger.
When you see her you too will feel wild,
when you feel her your heart and your spirit
will lift you off the ground too,
so that you know what it is like to see true beauty
in all its forms, and fly higher and higher,
with the strength and the courage of a tiger,
and with the wings of a butterfly.



People are extraordinary!
People are amazing, hopeful, optimistic, generous, and kind!
People are wonderful, energizing, thoughtful- thinking all the time,
with something and someone always on their mind.

Their are so many inspiring people in this world,
who wake up before the sun, and who are the real first light of the day,
who get out of bed every morning for others before themselves,
and who only wish to give more than they take away.

Parents, carers, doctors, teachers,
who love and live to be there for those that need them,
whose passion for their calling in life
is as awe-inspiring as the Grand Canyon.

Everyday I am taken aback and left stunned
by the actions of others that are solely for the betterment
and the well-being of another person-
giving love, care, attention;
eliciting meaning, strength, reasons to go on;
inspiring with hope and vision.

I have been moved by the courage, the determination,
and the heart of so many people- old and young:
a husband who only wants the best for his adoring wife;
a little boy battling against a brain tumor-
so kind, happy, and so unbelievably strong.

It is only when people pass on
that their true worth becomes their lasting memory-
that is the irony of life: that no matter what you do and why,
in the minds of those you have touched
you will forever live on in an infinite thought
and in an untainted effigy.

People often go out into the daylight
and look around at the world around them,
look inside themselves at their world within,
and ask silently of themselves:
what have they done, and have they done the best for others,
and for their own self, no matter how or where they were born on Earth-
and more often than people would probably want to admit,
the answer would be no, not always;
but that is life, that is humanity, that is our planet-
we are a part of a nexus, in which we all prove our worth.




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