Here, now, at the equinox of my days
I can feel my whole world changing all around me, and my mind is ablaze.
I am more inspired, and more in love with life than ever before;
everyday I feel like my life is giving me the gift of opening a brand new door.
People are constantly inspiring me, music is always moving me;
art, literature, and nature, is always stimulating me;
but words and speech are my passion, they are my consciousness,
and to me they are life’s epitome.

Love and words are a match made in the most ancient and the most epic mythology-
when there is a union between mind, energy, and heart, words when spoken as poetry
can have more power to them than the most advanced technology.

I embody what I write, I am what I say;
I feel very close to the world and to life,
and I believe that the secrets of Earth and humanity are all around and are always in full-display.
I also believe that if we look hard enough the truths that we uncover about everything could be so immense
that they would spell-out the words of the world, and define love, and life’s, essence.