I am in love, I have fallen under a spell-
I can no longer move, I can no longer hear,
I can no longer speak, I can no longer spell.
I have become entranced by the orbs of light of my new muse’ eyes-
windows into the soul of an eternal heart, more beautiful, more stirring,
more inspiring than a perfect sunrise.
When I see her smile I feel as if my heart has exploded with the fury of a supernova!
The feeling is so exasperating and invigorating – I never want this moment to be over!
Not only is she remarkably and phenomenally beautiful,
my new muse is insightful, fun, wise beyond her years, inspiring, and adorable.
My mind and my heart have been carried away by her captivating tide-
I may look calm and collected on the outside,
but my entire body and my imagination feel as if they have spontaneously combusted on the inside.
I have been in love before, but this time feels like all the planets, stars,
and galaxies have aligned-
because she makes me feel like I can truly see, and before I was blind.
Her heart is mine, as my heart is hers-
I can no longer say what I want to say, because because of her
I am lost for words!