The greatest sadness in my life
is that I have no one to share my world with me-
I have no one that I can wrap my arms around,
no one who I can kiss passionately,
no one to whom I can spend an entire afternoon reciting poetry.
Is that too much to ask for?
Is that a request akin to that of a miracle?
Maybe there is no one out there for me?
Maybe I am just not that special?

I don’t want to sound like I am not happy in my life:
I am loved, inspired, I have phenomenal and wonderful people around me
who make life worth living-
friends and family who I could not live without,
and who never stop giving;
but I long for the touch and the warmth of another-
the contact and the connection that can only be shared with a lover.

My time will come again,
someday soon I have faith that the stars will align
and I will meet “the one”-
the person for whom the web of my life was spun.
I am sure that the fates of love have a match for me
beyond any soul-mate that I could conceive,
who I am meant to be with the rest of my life-
at least that is what I want to believe.