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Xylophone voices echo through the darkness;
tones of truth, vibrations of variables- perfection professed.
The answer to a question: this is why you are here-
this is why you and everyone live, die, and exist on this precious sphere.
Over the millennia of our evolution humanity has taught itself to divide, and to fear;
however, in doing so it has inspired the entire species to learn and understand that things are not always as they first appear.

The unspoken answer, and the yet unrealized meaning of our makeup-
the answer that can be found within at the same time we are looking up;
the answer that is discovered, named, re-discovered, generation-after-generation:
that we all have a phenomenal facet, will, and capacity to excel and to overcome any limitation.

The ability of humanity to have the power to write the destiny of all life on planet Earth
has been a part of us all since our primordial birth,
and one day soon I have hope that we will all use the gifts of our birthright, and build what life projects-
a meaning to live that is enlightening as it is complex.




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