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I have dreamt of us riding on a Ferris Wheel at a fair ground;
I have dreamt about us sitting on a beach holding hands
together on the hot, wet, sand;
I have dreamt of us sitting around a campfire at night
and basking in each other’s glow
as the heat and the light of the flames touches us,
as we sit wrapped in a blanket
and the cracking of the fire is the only sound;
I have dreamt about us on a sailboat
sailing across the ocean and miles away from land;
I have dreamt about us sitting in a pick-up truck
at a drive-in movie, but unable to see the film being shown
because we are so distracted and enamored by the sight of each other;
I have dreamt of us at a concert surrounded by people in every direction,
but we only want to look in one direction-
directly into the eyes of one-another;
I have dreamt about us as astronauts in zero-gravity orbit
around the Earth in space;
I have dreamt of us both closing our eyes
while we are lying next to each other
and feeling and knowing every contour of each other
as we run our fingers over our face.

I have dreamt about us on our wedding day
with me standing on a beach with our family and friends behind me
as you walk down the aisle that is a red carpet barefoot,
and looking absolutely beautiful and perfect in your wedding gown,
as I quickly sneak a peak at you.
I have dreamt of us walking in the Georgian countryside
with both of our arms wrapped around each other’s waist,
and under an unclouded sky the colour of deep blue.
I have dreamt about us drinking coffee together in a coffee shop;
I have dreamt of us having a meal in the dark
and looking at each other,
and eating with only the light of candle-light;
I have dreamt about us feeling each other’s heart
beating in our chest’s like a fast-ticking clock.

I have dreamt of us on a plane many times
flying to exciting and beautiful far-away places;
I have dreamt about us enjoying a picnic together
in a field filled with daises;
I have dreamt of us walking together in a forest,
and almost becoming lost in the woods;
I have dreamt of us, I am always dreaming of us;
I want nothing more than us;
I have everything that I could ever wish for
in the entire world, as long as I have you;
and you will always have me,
and I promise you there has been,
and there always will be, us and only us.


When daylight turns to darkness,
when the night becomes the day-
everyone needs someone by their side
who they can always look to,
and who would never stray.

Love requires trust and honesty to sustain it,
a relationship is built on the knowledge
that you can’t live your life on your own,
mutual respect comes when you hear someone say something
and they mean it,
commitment is the promise that couples make
as they walk hand-in-hand together
into the great unknown.

You don’t know you are looking for someone until you meet them,
you don’t know that you love someone until that first kiss,
you don’t know anything about yourself
until you see the one who makes your heart continue to beat
again and again,
you don’t know that you want to be with someone for the rest of your life
until you remember that until you met the other half of your heart
you had never felt like this.

Some things in life just feel right,
some things that you know could never be wrong,
some things mean that everything is going to be alright,
there are some things and their is someone
who makes us believe, sometimes for the first time in our lives,
that we truly belong.

‘Marriage’ is a word that is easy to say,
but what it means to be married cannot be put into words-
it varies from person to person, and it is expressed in many ways.
Marriage is about cooperation,
living your life beyond yourself with someone else, through whatever.
Being married is making an oath to each other
that no matter what happens in the future,
everything that you do makes you who you are-
and that is what you will remember forever,
and that is what will always keep you together.

Every time I hear your voice,
I close my eyes and I imagine the limitless sky of my mind,
I see the breathtaking hues of a beautiful sunset-
and shining above me the light of the moon watches and washes over me;
every time I listen to you sing,
I feel a peace come over me,
I feel as if my mind is racing a thousand miles an hour
as the Earth turns slowly;
I feel more, I see more, I believe more,
than anyone has ever thought they could before-
and it is because of you that is possible,
it is because of the gift of you that I adore.

When I first heard your phenomenal voice
I was physically and visibly enraptured-
the more that your voice entered into my soul,
inspired and gave growth to the seed of my internal voice and horizons-
I felt as if the hope of my dreams coming true had been reassured.

I believe that you were gifted to us all
so as to make a difference in peoples lives
that they will pass onto others
and will one day use to change the entire world for the better.
Every time someone feels inspired, or energized,
they will hear the faint beautiful sound of your voice,
and they will see your face like that of a spectre.

You have touched so many peoples heart,
and you have influenced so many peoples lives and minds-
and on behalf of everyone who loves you,
I would just like to say thank you for being you;
because every day you give something to the world
that has never been seen, or heard, before-
every new song is like your debut.

I would just like to wish you many congratulations, limitless love,
and my belief that your union will renew itself
and become more powerful and more special
for every day that you two share.
I hope you and your family
will go on forever, Kirsty,
because what connects you to the world is incredibly rare.

My ode to the beautiful Kirsty Hawkshaw on her Wedding Day




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