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Everybody wants that special person in their life
who they can turn to, and talk to, and look to,
and listen to, whenever they need someone;
every one of us wants to fall asleep
thinking about something that that special person in our life
did for us that made us happy, and always makes us happy-
just the sight of their eyes looking back at us,
or a message from them that may be inaudible to anyone else
who read it resounds and echoes loud and clear
in the cavenous expanses of our mind,
and drives the current of our inner river,
and produces rainbows in the waterfall of our imagination.
That special someone can be all that you need to
make you want to wake up, live, and go to sleep,
feeling incredible, and like you too, for knowing them,
are special.

Love is easy.
Love is the best thing ever-
when the place is perfect, and the time is right.
Love should feel easy,
love shouldn’t ever feel a struggle-
when real love comes calling and you recognise its face at first sight,
even though you may have not seen it before,
or if you have not for a long time.
Love is unquestionable.
Love is the best, the most potent, and the most life-changing drug,
and you can express love in so many ways-
deeply, intimately, eternally, beautifully, simply,
sometimes with just a stare, a touch, a word, a kiss,
a gift of belonging, connection, togetherness-
from a boyfriend to a girlfriend,
from a wife to a husband,
from a friend to a best friend-
in the way of a hug.

Gifts of affection come in many forms-
sometimes out of the blue,
like a surprise trip somewhere for two,
a reminder that someone loves you
and was thinking about you,
and they saw something while they weren’t with you
but as soon as they saw what they saw
they knew it would be the perfect present for you.

Two people who are in love
but don’t always say it to each other,
but who try to show it every day-
and not just on Valentine’s Day-
know that as long as they have each other,
as long as they have what no one could ever take
or replace, which they know is never going anywhere-
those two people, even though they may be apart sometimes
will always know that they will forever have
a vital piece of one another in their heart,
and that knowledge and that truth and that feeling
is hidden in plain sight for them to see, recognise,
and find.

You can feel and find love five seconds after meeting someone.
You can know you have found the one person who you want
to spend the rest of you life with the instant you feel their pull,
and their force of attraction becomes more powerful
and important than gravity,
and when you look at them and every time you do
you are in-awe iof them and stunned.
You can see someone over and over again everyday,
but the time for your two hearts and lives to combine
might not ne instantaneous and may come gradually
the more you learn about each other,
and the more you see in them what you have been searching for,
and what you have always wanted;
something that can make you do something amazing
that you would never do for anyone else
and have never done before for anyone else-
like buying someone a bouquet of flowers,
writing someone a letter,
telling someone a secret,
showing someone something that means something to you
for some reason that is personal and meaningful to you.

When I want to say something, or do something special
for my special someone, I like to do it with all my heart,
and I put eveything into it, and I like to leave
and give a part of me to someone in every word
and in every rhyme and message of my poetry-
and I like to play my own song,
I like to create my own music,
I like to send my voice into and over the air
for the one I love, and for the one who loves me
to find and to hear, and feel me and what I want them to feel,
and I want them to think of me whenever they hear my melody,
whenever they hear their melody,
whenever they hear our melody.



I am in love.
You are the only one that I think of.

I can’t believe I found you.
You don’t know what I have been through.

I saw perfection the moment that I followed your footsteps.
You live on the other side of a mirror,
but how I feel about you is what truly reflects.

I had to break my own heart in-two to let my love flower
so that I could show it to you.
You gave me something a long time ago,
but you never knew.

I am so lucky, blessed, alive,
because of what you gave me.
You made me believe in hope and goodness for the first time in a while-
you were like pure white moonlight on a dark sea.

I can’t forget the beauty of your smile,
I can’t deny the tender touch of your distant kiss upon my heart.
You are the inspiration, the paintbrush, and the colour, of my art.

I feel people moving away from me;
but you just keep getting closer,
you never go anywhere I cannot see.

I look at your face, I look into your eyes, and I become lost in you.
You look back at me, and the universe feels like
it has been reborn in my chest,
and I see everything that I love about life
in everything that you say and do.
I swear that I am staring at a dark-haired Angel
when I see the sunlight shine on you from behind,
making you look even more gorgeous as you glow.

You are all that I, or anyone, could ever wish for, or ever want.
You are incredible, you are stunning;
you are summer, you are star-light;
you are ocean-breeze, you are bliss.
I want only what is best for you.
I wish our voices didn’t have to carry so far to talk to each-other.
I thank the universe for bringing us together,
so that I could say I love you
and give you the gift of my Valentine’s kiss.

This is a valentine for the love of my life;
this is a symbol akin to the gift that a husband would give to his adoring wife;
this is a part of me that was inspired by the person to whom I will always love and look to;
this is a love letter to the woman who gave me so much, and made me feel brand new.

When the sun is shining in the sky, when the air is filled with bird song all around,
when I see the beautiful face of my love in my minds eye I instantly feel unbound.

To me she is the world, to me she is the universe,
to me she is the face of every flower, the muse of every verse.
To me, and to others, she is a reason to have hope, a reminder to hold onto that which is the most precious;
to me she will always be the light of my day, because her joy of life is the most infectious.

Of my love I have one more thing that I would like to declare,
and that is that wherever near or far-away, to me she will always be there;
and also that whomever I meet, whatever will be,
she will always be “the one”-
mon amour pour la vie.

The moment I fell in love was like jumping off a cliff;
like defying the laws of nature, and turning gravity into a myth.

The moment I fell in love I felt as if I had been reborn,
as if I had been struck by lightning; or pricked by a rose’s thorn:
a powerful surge of energy began to course through my veins-
as if a spirit within me had transcended, and my heart was now unrestrained.

The moment I fell in love began like any other day;
however, by the end, I could no long understand, nor obey,
how I was feeling, nor what my heart was trying to say-
but one thing was for certain: I never wanted to feel any other way.

The moment I fell in love felt as if I had been enveloped in a wave,
an indomitable force- a direction in my life that paved
a way of looking at the world, the ability to feel energy tangibly-
a love that every day seeks to, and is successful, in enlightening me.

The moment I fell in love is a moment that is important and precious,
a moment that, to this day, still brings about in me a fuss-
maybe because the moment that I fell in love took me places I had never been,
made me write like never before, and see things I had never seen.

The moment I fell in love will always be a part of me-
everyday I think to myself about that moment when my heart was set free;
that moment when from out of nowhere my poetic voice began to emerge-
that moment when every possibility in the universe became real and converged.



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