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I was drawn to you
before you and I had even met;
I could not believe my senses
when I first saw your infinite beauty,
and to your shimmering galaxy,
ever since I have felt like a lone planet.

The more that I know about you,
the more that I love you;
the deeper that I delve into the nebulae of your thoughts,
the more that I wish I could swim in your mind
and feel all the things that you have been through.

Everyday I gaze at the sparkling sky of the stars that are your eyes,
that illuminate you, colour you,
and make you stand-out from the cosmos;
everyday if I were to look at you through a telescope,
or through a microscope-
where others would see beautiful light,
I would see an entire mythos.

The magical and myriad planets
that populate and orbit every facet of your identity
in an endless dance that could never be imitated,
generate a gravity, and an energy,
that since I first met you hasn’t been eclipsed, overcome, or abated.

The universe is a spectacular miracle of life,
that grows greater, and becomes more wondrous for the planets,
the stars, the galaxies, and the life that is created
within it every instant;
however, no matter what galaxies, or star clusters,
have come before, or may come after you-
to me, your galaxy will always shine brighter,
and will always be paramount.

Many people know you, have met you, will always love you,
but when they look at you, they may not be able to describe
the magnificence that we all see-
that is why the only way that I know how to describe you,
is that you are like a galaxy.

Featured in the beautiful ‘Galaxy’s Orchestra’ by Robert ‘Doc’ Foster:


This is a valentine for the love of my life;
this is a symbol akin to the gift that a husband would give to his adoring wife;
this is a part of me that was inspired by the person to whom I will always love and look to;
this is a love letter to the woman who gave me so much, and made me feel brand new.

When the sun is shining in the sky, when the air is filled with bird song all around,
when I see the beautiful face of my love in my minds eye I instantly feel unbound.

To me she is the world, to me she is the universe,
to me she is the face of every flower, the muse of every verse.
To me, and to others, she is a reason to have hope, a reminder to hold onto that which is the most precious;
to me she will always be the light of my day, because her joy of life is the most infectious.

Of my love I have one more thing that I would like to declare,
and that is that wherever near or far-away, to me she will always be there;
and also that whomever I meet, whatever will be,
she will always be “the one”-
mon amour pour la vie.



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