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Today, while I was looking at a picture of you,
I realised a great many things:
I realised that I still love you, now more than ever before,
and, even though I can still hear your voice in my head,
I really do miss seeing you-
in a way, what I am feeling feels like heart-break;
but what gives me the greatest joy
is the knowledge of my own heart that you still mean a great deal to me,
and also the resurgence of energy, love, and creativity,
seeing only a photo of you brings.

The moment that I fell under your spell
was one of the most amazing and influential days of my entire life-
I used to find it hard to describe why;
however, now I have no trouble in finding the words to say
that you mean more to me than anyone, that you will always be special to me-
and that is why you are my first thought at the instant that I open my eyes
and capture the rays of the newly-risen deity of inspiration,
creation, and daylight.
It is no coincidence that at the moment that I first saw you I fell in love with you-
not to me, nor to many others, because who would not?
Everything about you echoes perfection, unbelievable beauty,
a flawlessness that I have never forgot.

I believe that artists do not choose their muses, their muses choose them;
I have always felt that way about you- that you chose to inspire me,
to ignite my heart and mind, to capture the wonders of Earth
and the heavens with my pen.
Without your light to inspire and guide me,
I do not know who I would be.
The love that I feel for you has coursed through my veins
and your face and your name is indelible in every word of my poetry.
Life goes on and things change, but one thing that will never change
is who you are, and who I am because of you,
and that the waves created by a cast stone on an ocean
go in every direction and cannot be taken back-
the repercussions follow us our entire lives and remind us
that we are on the right track.
I have never felt more sure of anything else in my life
than I am in the belief that you and I may be distant geographically,
but we are bound to one-another, silently, like gravity.




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