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You saved me as soon as I met you,
you caught me as I fell,
you raised me up from the gloom,
you made me come out of my shell.

A hero doesn’t always need a suit,
a hero doesn’t always need a name,
a hero can give you something to listen to
when you have been spending a lot of you time
having the rest of the world on mute,
a hero can be someone who saves you every day
again and again.

You saw me instantly for who I was,
you accepted me for all my flaws,
you embraced everything I gave
and gave back to me the most incredible love,
you created doors where there were only walls.

A hero is always there when they are needed,
a hero is constantly on a journey,
a hero can be any age, in any walk of life-
a hero can be a teacher, policeman or a policewoman,
a carer, an artist, a writer, a friend-
and the most unique, but humble, unbelievable,
and special person you have ever met,
because they can always lift you up and show you
things you can’t see.

You were like a burst of beautiful light from the sky,
you carried me far and away like a kite on the wind,
you would give you last dollar to anyone in need,
because you are so generous, and because you are kind-
you cared for me when one person to hold me
and never let me go was all that I wanted.

A hero has super-powers,
but sometimes not those that you would expect,
and to see them for how incredible and super they are
you have to see them for what they are.
A hero knows you and would never forget you.
A hero would never take you for granted
and would always see you and describe you as a star.
A hero is a hero no matter where they are-
sometimes they don’t even realize that they are a hero,
because they are who they are, and they just do what they do.

You make me smile every day.
You have saved me countless times since we met,
in more ways than you will ever know.
You fill me with hope, and when I am with you I am unafraid.
You are untouchable, you are bullet-proof.
You are a dream come true, you are my hero.


This is a selection of 17 poems that I was inspired to write after I first came into contact with the wonderful actress Luciana Carro! Luciana is the person who first inspired me to start writing poetry! I was instantly ensorcelled by Luciana’s unbelievable beauty, her incredibly-generous and selfless spirit, her amazing and seemingly-effortless talent, and her joyous and optimistic outlook on life. Enjoy!

‘Blessed’ (The first poem I ever wrote)

You have been blessed with a smile that would bring happiness to all who gaze upon you,
who has only to speak with heavenly tongue and make someone anew.
All that hear your voice would grant you any wish that you would make,
your eternal spirit will walk the lands of the Earth and endure in history’s wake.
You will live on in the hearts and minds of those who have gazed upon you,
one day you will be given the awards that you are due.
You see yourself as imperfect even though you are a queen,
you are truly unlike anyone that I have ever seen,
you have many friends who consider you the best,
you are perfection incarnate: that fact I must put to rest.
You are a timeless beauty created under Angel guise,
who has been blessed with grace and joy, and who would outshine the light of heavenly skies.

‘Belle of the ball’

You are without a doubt the most beautiful of all,
someone who could be called ‘the belle of the ball’.

The most beautiful smile, the most gorgeous gaze-
the most talented actress whose beauty always sends me into a daze.

The word ‘perfection’ was created for you and you alone
to describe the most flawless in creation- the definition for which you own.

No one more beautiful exist in this world-
you are the epitome of perfection, and I love how your hair is curled!


As I sit here now and stare at your beautiful face,
in my mind I am instantly transported to another place:
a waking dream-scape of reality and rhyme
where your beauty makes it possible to stop the hands of time;
where the world can be seen as it is meant to be seen;
where perfection can be described and chaos is serene;
where muse inspires poetry and words inspire hope;
where the reflection of your luminosity is like looking through a kaleidoscope;
where the complexities of the world are but a simple answer;
where I dream of a world in which their will one day be a cure for every cancer.

Upon returning to the world of observable reality,
I discover that I am completely free of any preconceived fallacy:
the dream that I imagined, and the perfection that I observed,
inspires words to the page, and I become unreserved,
to attempt to describe the simply indescribable:
the eternal light and the most beautiful.


‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone’
was the first book in which the young wizard became known,
when he enrolled at Hogwarts and first met Hermione and Ron-
not before going to Platform 9¾ and taking a ride on
the Hogwarts Express and arriving at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry-
where Harry first puts on the sorting hat, and discovers a three-headed dog called Fluffy.

Like Harry Potter, to me you are just magical;
enchanting on every level, you never fail to enthrall!
You are truly spell-binding, and could out-do even Dumbledore-
after seeing you no one need search for the most beautiful anymore.

‘My Dream’

As soon as I close my eyes I see your face:
the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,
the golden ratio of perfection and grace.

As if carried by the wind I hear your voice:
the most enticing thing that my ears have ever encountered,
it enraptures my mind and causes my heart to rejoice.

In the fresh air of a summers day I smell your perfume:
the most delicate and intoxicating,
like the smell of roses as they come into bloom.

As if plucked from heavenly sky
your hypnotic eyes sparkle and shine,
and their beauty will stay with me until the day I die.

‘Infinitely Auspicious’

I remember the first time I saw The Wizard of Oz,
and even though I was very young I still remember how mesmerizing it was.
The first time I saw you it took me awhile to regain my composure;
like Dorothy, when her world turned from sepia to colour,
I felt as if until that moment I had only seen the world in a monochrome way-
and now the full-spectrum of reality was now on display.
I never imagined I would ever see anyone as beautiful,
until I saw you for the first time I never dreamed that anyone could be so graceful;
so mesmerizing to the eye and hypnotic to the mind;
so pure of heart and exceptionally kind;
so full of life, and impeccably gorgeous;
so inspiring to the soul, or infinitely auspicious.

‘My Muse’

Before you my words had no meaning;
before you I had no idea that I had been concealing,
that which I now try to express in verse and rhyme
about the most special person in existence who no one could ever malign.

Your presence in my life has been so inspirational to me,
more so than anyone could ever hope to be.
Before you I could not imagine myself writing as I am now,
because before you I had never felt the inspiration that you endow.

You are a shining angel, whose exquisitely beautiful face
follows me into my dreams and serves as my poetic interface.
Since the very second I first saw you I knew you were special,
I didn’t know who you were but I knew you were going to be consequential.
I can’t explain how, and I don’t remember exactly when,
but from the minute I saw you I have not been the same since then.

Why do I write? I have been asked since I began nearly a year ago;
to which my response is always the same: because it is the only way that I know how.
However, the real reason, I have to confess, is all because of you:
because without you my words would be misconstrue:
unfathomable, without meaning, is how I am sure people would describe
my poetry without you as my muse, and it is to you I would like to ascribe
every poem that I have ever written-
because if you hadn’t realized by now I am guilty of being smitten.

‘Earth to my Moon’

The first time I saw you I was mesmerized by your adorability-
like the Moon to your Earth, I was attracted by your gravity.
I knew in that moment I was looking at divine bliss-
an angel of heaven, a goddess, the source of eternal happiness.
My chest felt like a cage imprisoning my heart,
which beat faster than a drum, and which I thought someone may have to restart.
In that instant everything came into alignment,
my heart felt as if it had been let out of confinement:
I saw within you something that will be with me every day until my end-
an essence that no one else could ever transcend.
You are special and will forever send my emotions into an uproar,
you are someone who inspires me to write and who makes my mind soar.


You are an Angel of that I am sure,
one of great beauty and with a heart that is pure.
You bring light and joy to all that know you;
you have the most beautiful smile of anyone I ever knew.
Exceptionally talented, the model of grace and perfection,
you can do no wrong in my eyes because you are a revelation:
a direct descendant of Aphrodite herself, the goddess of beauty and love-
who is said to have risen from the sea, while you were sent from above.
All that gaze upon you are instantly taken aback,
because there is no one more beautiful and that fact will always remain intact.

‘You are…’

You are the most beautiful in all of creation;
you are the light that illuminates devastation;
you are the angel of joy and devotion;
you are the source of all emotion;
you are the constant in all of my thoughts;
you are the view which never distorts;
you are the perfection that we dream of all our lives;
you are the one from where all beauty derives;
you are the epitome of positivity and fun;
you are the most special person I have ever gazed upon;
you are the gift more prized than a dove;
you are the one who I will always love.

‘Vision of Perfection’

A vision of perfection from heaven above,
is what you are reminiscent of;
when people are blessed by a visit from the divine
it is your gaze that they see looking back with a shine.
In my mind every angel must look like you:
the most beautiful in all of creation, who no one will ever be equal to.
You are the paragon of perfect design,
not to mention the patent for all that is divine.
Constantly in the thoughts of those who know you,
there is no one else in your league and that will always be true.


You, like Aurora, are the goddess of the dawn;
but you are the only goddess to whom I am drawn.
Aurora announces the arrival of the sun,
while your beauty announces the arrival of the one.
You are the one who is the woman of my dreams;
you are the one who has a smile that gleams;
you are the one who will forever be the focus of my affection;
you are the one who is impervious to any imperfection;
you are the one who has eyes that could brighten any darkened room;
you are the one whose fragrance is more potent that the strongest perfume.


‘Incredible’ is the word which instantly comes to mind
when I think of you, because you are beauty refined-
the purest form of perfection that I have ever seen,
the woman who makes my heart race faster than caffeine.
You stimulate my mind like no other ever could,
because you have a quality that is never misunderstood.
My words could never truly describe
the wonder that is you nor the effect of your vibe.
You are the most amazing person who I have ever laid eyes upon,
the most beautiful woman in the world who will never be outshone.

‘Heart of Gold’

You, my love, have a heart of gold-
one that is pure, for which god broke the mold.
You are a masterpiece, breathtaking, the jewel in the crown
of everyone on Earth- who no one could ever put down.
You are my inspiration, my muse, the one who I write about;
the most special, the most graceful, the one who the world could never live without.
You are a princess of beauty and elegance-
where all that is perfect has come to a coalescence.
You are without a doubt in a league of your own,
for whom my love for has been set in stone.
Whenever I see your face you stir-up so many emotions in me:
you are responsible for allowing my poetic voice to break-free.
For Valentines day I have written this poem especially for you,
because you are the only one who my heart yearns for and that will always be true.
I cannot truly convey the feelings that you stir in me each and every day,
but ‘I love you’ is the only thing that I really want to say.

‘To love you, or not to love you’

To love you, or not to love you; to me there is no question:
one only has to look into your eyes to instantly feel a connection,
an overwhelming adoration, an instant and powerful attraction;
you are a vision of perfection, and will always inspire my imagination.

To love you, or not to love you; to me the answer is beyond words:
one only has to see your face from afar and instantly be drawn towards
an angel of infinite beauty, a woman of impeccable grace;
you have enchanted my heart so that when I dream all I see is your face.

To love you, or not to love you; to me can only be found within:
one only has to think about you and realize that you are not a twin,
their is no one else like you, nor will their ever be;
you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever been blessed see.

I hope all your dreams come true and you receive much love
from everyone who says that it is you they think the world of-
your friends and family, and everyone that knows you:
those whose faces light-up whenever you come into view.

‘When I think of you…’

When I think of you I see your sparkling eyes:
like two stars in the night-sky, they shine brighter than the tails of fireflies.
When I think of you I see your beautiful smile:
evocative to the mind and yet so fragile.
When I think of you I see your delicate face:
so precious and beautiful- the model of perfect grace.
When I think of you I remember something that I once read;
a quote of something that Tennessee Williams once said:
that “life is partly made by the friends we choose,”
and I have believed that ever since you became my muse.
“The strongest influences in my life and my work are always whomever I love,”
is also something Williams once said, to which I have a complete understanding of.
When I think of you there is no one else comparable,
because you are unique and your talents are innumerable.

‘Beautiful Vista’

An endless white before my eyes,
like the page before my pen-
often the sign of a poet’s demise,
after which he never writes again.

As I watch the snow fall outside my window,
I cannot help but ask myself a question:
has my poetic voice been trapped in limbo,
forever to remain, no longer my heart’s expression?

As I look out at the beautiful vista of my snow covered street,
not an hour ago busy with cars and passers-by,
an image forms in my mind of someone I have yet to meet;
however, for whom my adoration I could never deny.

As I think about this person, patterns of words start to form-
like the blue sky that exists within the calm inside of a storm.
Where once their was chaos a vision of perfection now was prevalent,
my source of inspiration- who has always been the most benevolent,
was now all that I could think about,
and whose beautiful face I could not write poetry without.

ab imo pectore



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