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Mirror, mirror, on the wall;
if I were to step through you, like Alice, what would befall?
Would I encounter a reflection where up is down, and down is up?
Where the English football team has won more than one World Cup?
A reality of renaissance, where writer’s are treated like rock stars?
A reality of robot butlers, in which there really are Martians living on Mars?
A reality where the internet has a leader, and Twitter is a bona fide religion?
A reality in which there is a President of a United States of Britain?

If you could visit a parallel-universe, even if it was just for one day;
and you were then returned to your “own life”, how would you convey
what you saw, what you felt- where would you start?
Would such a perception altering adventure change your mind, or your heart?
What if you were to knock on “your” door, and you were to meet “yourself”;
how would you react if you discovered that “you” were not in the best of health?
Would you look at this “mirror reality” and perceive it as a valid reflection;
the other side of the coin toss: an opposing, yet connected, truth, life, and inflection?

What if every choice you never made, you actually make in “another life”-
a universe in it’s own right: the “other side” of happiness, or the “flip side” of strife?
Every now and then we come to a fork in the road, and we all must make a choice-
a time when we must look inwards, and listen to our inner-voice:
Should I walk tall, or go back? Should I turn left, or should I turn right?
Should I take a risk, or stay as I am; should I wear black, or should I wear white?
Is your life dictated by destiny? Or, does it depend on the spin of a wheel?
Do you sometimes agonize over a decision, while other’s just “keep it real”?
Whether you make the “right” decision is ultimately out of your hands;
because in another life “you” live every choice- while the universe has it’s own plans.


One hundred and forty characters is all that you get
to describe what you are doing, sort of like a vignette:
a short, but informative, sentence about your circumstance;
or a recommendation that you follow a fellow friendly acquaintance.
At the end of every week,
and in the form of Twitter ‘tweet’,
many Twitter followers and friends
make requests to one another and send
a tweet that usually includes #FF, or #FollowFriday,
followed by the username of the friend that they want to send your way.

Over time, Twitter has become more than the sum of it’s parts,
to some it has become a place very important and dear to their hearts.
From a simple internet messaging service, Twitter has evolved
into a place where connections can be made and you can become involved
in the latest new thing of the moment and be there at it’s birth,
get the news from around the world, and talk to people from all corner’s of the earth.

Twitter, to me, is an extremely engaging way
to communicate, converse, and to convey;
to talk to fascinating and talented people, or otherwise;
to tell someone why you chose to follow them, or even to advise.
Twitter has become the followed, and the follower;
with a great many of it’s community who have been endowed to empower.
Twitter, and tweeting, has a draw, and also an attraction that is very rare;
perhaps, one day their wont be anyone who isn’t ‘tweeting’ every-when and everywhere?

brevis tamen notitia



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