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Life is the most amazing gift in existence;
love is the most wonderful miracle
that can ever be blessed on someone-
when you discover one day that your entire life
has all been preparation for meeting the one person
who truly loves you and understands you
and accepts you for who you are,
you never get over the power of that instant discovery,
and the daily insights into the meaning of all life,
as well as your own, that is represents;
and that is why life and love should be considered
the most precious and the most incredible treasure
that you can ever have in the palm of your hands,
and they will light the way of any path
that is in front of you more so than the sun.

Dedicated to my friend Surya Devi on her birthday


What I love about you the most
is your passion and your love of life that knows no bounds,
what touches my heart every time I think about you
is that you care about every living thing-
the betterment of animals, people, nature, and all that surrounds.

What makes you so special to me
is that you enshrine and define the best things in life that I hold dear-
you make me smile, you make me feel,
you inspire every sonnet, you dispel every fear.

You are my favourite person in the entire world,
you represent and keep alive within me
the greatest treasure of a good man;
you are the personification of hope,
the immortal embodiment of natures character-
and I am your enduring and adoring fan.

You make the world a better world every day that you are in it,
the universe smiled upon all of Earth the day that you were born,
and the reach that your starlight will shine has no limit.

You will forever be unique and one of a kind-
and every minute, of every hour, of every day,
I put my hand on my chest
and I thank the stars that you are in my life
and that you are a part of my song;
what I love about you is that you inspire all who know you
without knowing that you are an inspiration,
and that you have been a muse to everyone your entire life, all along.



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