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When I look at our planet, on TV, in magazines, in newspaper’s, or on the web;
when I see families who have lost everything they have, I am filled with dread;
when I hear that the most powerful countries are spinning our world out of control;
when I read that there may come a day when there will be no ice at the North pole;
when I watch an incredible, insightful, invaluable, film like ‘The Age of Stupid’,
that is when I shake my head in disgust at the reality that cannot be hid:
that we, the vaunted Human race,
may be the architects and the enablers of our own species’ fall from grace.
The Earth, our planet, the eden from where all life came into being,
is burning, changing, and at this rate may one day need quarantining.
The reason? We need only look out our window, or turn on our television:
we are changing the world, more so than we could ever possibly imagine.
It didn’t just happen yesterday, and the solution will not happen overnight;
but if we all do not start taking climate change seriously we will suffer a blight:
we, the self-proclaimed “most intelligent species”, will one day cease to exist;
we, “the dominant race”, will one day be number one on the endangered species list.
I am staggered that it has taken the world this long to realise the truth;
however, I am not supprised that the clarion call is being made by the youth-
because, after all, the children of today may be the last of human-kind;
and the facts do speak for themselves to anyone of sound reason and mind.
People from all around the world are mobilizing to bring us back from the brink;
but it is a choice for the entire world: do we want to live? or do we want to sink?
I personally could not live with myself, nor could I go to sleep at night,
if I thought that it was too late for us to make a difference and to try to put things right.

Dedicated to the late great Pete Postlethwaite



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