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The truth can be painful,
the road to happiness can be rough,
the less you say sometimes can mean more,
the little things that someone does
can be the most special, precious,
meaningful, and touching, gifts of love.

We protect ourselves and are protected by others all the time,
we are kept in the dark sometimes for a reason
to preserve the peace, to sustain the harmony,
to not harm the sensitive of us
who can sometimes feel like they are the victim of someone
who has committed a crime.

We all surround ourselves and feel ourselves
when we are in the company of those who know
what we are thinking at a moments glance,
we all sing along when we feel the need to,
and we all dance;
we all laugh, and we all cry;
we all do anything to make the things that mean the most to us
last forever and never die.

Without protection of some form,
without something to sometimes hold us back when we need to be,
we would all just run free and run wild like a child,
and rage and self-destruct like the winds of a storm.

If the Earth were not surrounded by a thin and fragile atmosphere
none of us would be here,
if we too never had our reality of serenity
we would all feel and be constantly missing something-
like a man without fear;
if we did not clothe ourselves with the leaves of our colours
we would be as barren and as bare as a winter tree.

We all seek affection.
We all have an addiction.
We all look and ponder at our own reflection.
We all want a little protection.



Every adventure begins with a dream;
every epic starts with a first step;
every day begins with a sunrise
that you may not always see;
every ocean starts with that very first drop.

Every singer starts by singing into a hair-brush;
every author begins by first writing in a diary;
every musician starts with an imaginary instrument-
like an air-guitar- while listening to their favourite music
full-blast, and being told to turn the music down
with a bang on the wall, or a hush;
every song-writer begins writing songs as poetry.

Every driver starts by having a go behind the wheel
of their parents car;
every life full of language and conversation
begins with that first word;
every humanitarian, or doctor, starts every day of their calling
with the oath ‘to do no harm’;
every disease that was ever thought to be wholly-untreatable
will one day be found to have a cure.

Every happy life begins with that first friend;
every band began with that first practice-session;
every new beginning started with an end;
every great relationship began with a question.
Every fortune started with that first penny;
every chain began with that first link;
every thing about who you are and who you will be
goes back and can be traced to who is your family;
every change of perspective begins by you considering
a possibility that you never thought to every think.

Every collection begins with that first item that you treasure;
every place of peace and serenity started as the place
where you always wanted to be when you were a kid;
every passion should always be a pleasure.
Every singer, every musician, every poet, every astronaut,
every teacher, every vet, every soldier, every inventor,
every gardener, can always go back
and point to the time, and they can always tell you what,
and where it all began, and where it all started.


There is no film ever made, or television show on TV,
like that of Joss Whedon’s amazing “Firefly” and “Serenity”.
There is no other world, or character’s that have been created
like Mal, River, Wash, Zoe, Jayne, Inara, Simon, Kaylee, and Book, that feel more related.
There is no other film or TV show that has garnered so many loving fans,
who affectionately describe themselves as “Browncoats”, or “Flans”;
however, “Firefly” and “Serenity”, and there fans are something special-
who often go above and beyond: like the amazing Marian Call.
I will never forget the first time that ever saw “Serenity”-
nor will I ever forget the joy and the love that it instilled in me.
After I saw Serenity, I discovered that it was a continuation of a TV series-
the phenomenal “Firefly”, which to this day still has me formulating hopes and theories.
Not long after I found and fell in love with Serenity and Firefly,
I discovered that it didn’t even make one season before FOX took it off the air to die.
I was sadened, angry- I needed to vent and share my pent-up feelings and emotions-
and that was when I realized the same was being felt in every country, across every ocean.
I, like the crew of Serenity, aim to misbehave:
I, like millions of other Browncoats, will continue broadcasting Firefly and Serenity’s wave;
I will watch, love, and cherish, every minute, of every episode, and of every character;
I will forever smile, be touched, be moved, and be overcome with fits of joy and laughter;
I will see to it that Serenity and Firefly’s luminosity will never diminish, or become dull-
nor will it ever, because the truth is: you can never stop the signal.

To those who left the mortal coil on that day,
it is to you that I do hereby pray;
and to those left behind to continue their memory:
may you be blessed with Peace, Love, and Serenity.
I for one can not convey
how much I am thinking about you all on this day.
A day in which we remember those loved and lost,
and who will always be with you, but at what cost?
I would like to end by saying this:
I will forever remember you all with a kiss.
A small token I grant you, and which could never compare
to the shining face of your loved one, but nothing would dare.
In closing, I would just like say:
may everyone be at peace on this day.




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