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Life is brilliant.
The people we meet,
the friends we make,
are all one in a million.
The smiles that we see
and create are heaven sent.
Our lives, our days,
our experiences, our adventures,
never stop and have made us who we are
since we were children.
We are all special.
The world is our oyster.
Every day can be magical and hopeful.
What we share with others,
no matter how far away they are,
will always draw us closer.

Whether up a snow-covered mountain,
or below a beautiful ocean;
whether trekking across a desert
with a purpose, a camera,
a notebook, and a pen,
or having fun with your friends in the sun,
you are constantly being gifted
a once in a life-time opportunity
to see all things and everyone for all their beauty.

Hope is the most powerful motivator.
Inspiration is the most important light that can shine upon us.
Love is the most phenomenal force of peace in the universe,
and unites all galaxies- no matter how far far away they are,
and can unite everything and everyone-
even if the stars themselves were at war.
Fate is the cord that can never be cut.

The hours of the day can sometimes feel like a fast-moving current.
The sun rising in the East is always a great
and beautiful omen that is heavens-given.
The song of our time, like the beat or our heart,
is mesmerizing, awesome, beyond compare,
and breathtakingly brilliant.
If it were not for each other and all that make us who we are
we would not be beautifully human.

Every second is a unique moment,
every sight that we see is a great vision,
every thing that happens is a source of magnificent insight,
every day can be the best day ever.



The second day, the second language,
the second thought, the seconds between the minutes,
matter more in life than the firsts-
more so than anyone realizes, recognizes, or every really admits.

The first is the beginning, but the second is the real start;
the first is always amazing, because it is something new,
however the second is what will carry you forward,
and keep to the beat of your heart.

Everyone has a second language, that is learned, but sometimes overlooked,
but which is of greater significance than your native-tongue-
it is a truth that we perhaps take for granted as we get older,
but I know that it is a gift that is not lost on the young.

To give something a second thought
denotes that what you are considering is important,
and not to be dismissed on first look-
their are some who read something once,
watch, or go somewhere for the first time, and then never again,
and missing something vital that they may see
if they gave something another look.

Every second of every day is so flitting, and short-lived,
they are gone before you know it, and pass-bye faster
than the blink of an eye;
but they are moments to collectively remember-
because that way they out-live those that made them,
and they will never die.

It is impossible to remember everything in life,
our memories are like light that has passed through a diamond;
however, I value with all that I am, every day, every year,
everything that has ever happened, to the second.



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