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Two people in a room-
one of the most simple,
and one of the most complex,
moments that you can have in a day;
two people in a room
is also one of the most precious and special things that can happen,
and one that should never be thrown away.

Two people in a room-
a boyfriend, a girlfriend,
a life-long partner, a friend;
a brother and a sister, who are like two bookends-
you can never underestimate how important those times are,
because they are the moments that you miss the most
when things come to an end.

I have had the most inspiring and life-redefining epiphanies
when it has just been me and someone else-
because they are the moments when you can truly listen,
and focus on another persons world above all else.

If I have something to say to someone,
I would much rather say it one-to-one-
to me it means more, and it can never be over- or under-done.

You can fall in love for a life-time
after only a minute shared with someone
whom you may never have met before-
two people, unmoved and unconcerned by time,
who only have eyes and words for each-other-
and who are never looking at the clock, or at the door.

Two people is where all human life starts;
two people can be the beginning of a new heart that beats,
or the echo of a thousand laughs.
In the past, I have been talking to someone so intently
that I have completely forgotten that we were in a crowded room-
in a club, in a pub, in an office, in the street-
as if we two were self-contained and alone
within our own personal womb.

I love getting together with a lot of people-
sharing ideas, stories, moments of life-
because those memories are always amazing,
energizing, and recognizable;
however, there is just something electric, phenomenal,
beautiful, and fateful, about a room,
and two people.



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